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Brief information about movie

January 10, 2012  by: kanduri narasimha  Points: 12   Category: Movies  Earning $0.25   Views: 623

In this article, I have given information about the history of movie and different types of movies.


Background of movies:

Movie is nothing but a running of pictures with movement. In India, first takies movie is Aalam Ara. From this movie, there has been being exploration in movie was started. The first movie is in 1903, 'Greatest train robbery' is considered to be as the first movie in the world. Cinema was started when a motion picture had took by zoopraxiscope which was invented in United states of America patented by William Lincoln in 18th centuary. After in the same century, Lumiere, who invented the developed motion picture camera, using that he shooted a small film. Before, Lumiere, Edison, who invented kinetoscope to shoot the moving pictures in 18th century. Altogether, a first step to take the motion picture was happened in 18th century.

With the advent of experiment done by Edward Muybridge, an English photographer, using 24 cameras took a series of images of horse, which is the first motion picture. Basing on the principle, by seeing number of pictures into camera and recording it on a paper prints attached to a drum turned by a handcrunk. Like this, series of individual images were formed. Those individual images are called as frames. When a person see this motion pictures in succession, he undergoes an illusion that motion is occurring in the pictures. Depending on the principle that our eye can retain on the images which are moving more that one second. But, in the motion of pictures in a film that could not be happened. This concept is called persistence of vision.

According to India, movies are categorized into following two categories.
1. Hollywood movies
2. Bollywood movies

1. Hollywood movies:

These movies are imported movies from foreign countries such U.S. , U.K. and other English language movies. In these movies, action movies have so much important. But, impact of some movies on youth are in negative dimension as they habituate foreign culture by watching such movies. According to me, in hollywood movies, characters use different dialogues that are useful for the development of English language.

2. Bollywood movies:

In India, our national language is Hindi. From many decades, there has been running so many Hindi hit movies. These movies are termed as Bollywood movies. In Hindi movies, no one forget about 'Sholey' movie as it is attracted by every person who watched this movie. Like that, there are so many Bollywood movies would be got top rank position in Hindi movie industry.

There are other language movies are also there that would be attracted by the people.


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