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Madasamy Makes a Guinness Record To Make the Globe Greener

January 10, 2012  by: Paulose  Points: 20   Category: Environment    Views: 922

The speech of Madasamy of Tamil Nadu, South India, that lasted more than 36 hours, made a world record. It was his "longest speech marathon" to open the eyes of the world to make it greener.


To catch a place in Guinness World Records is really an achievement that any one should be proud of. Madasamy, a simple social worker from the southern state of India, braved the task with great conviction that his achievement for a noble cause will call for the world's attention for a peaceful life. He delivered his marathon speech for more than 36 hours on 4and 5 June, 2011 and waited for the world's reaction. It took a few months to draw the attention of benevolent people to promote his noble task.

The achievement of Madasamy recognized

Madasamy had something to tell the world. He felt that it was his duty towards nature to speak against all the evils that cause global warming. He was impressing the people with his message of eco-friendship. He dreamt a greener world through his speeches. He visited schools, went from place to place conveying his message and called relentlessly for a peaceful world through his speeches. Slowly and steadily he moved towards a great achievement that fetched him a world title.

Guinness World Records included the achievement of Madasamy in its reference book published in 2011. Guinness World Records is a collection of world records, published every year with records containing human achievements as well as the most wonderful facts of the natural world.

Guinness World Record of Madasamy calling the world for eco-conservation

At the Himarani auditorium in Peermade, Kerala, Madasamy delivered his record speech for two days continuously that lasted for 36 hours and six minutes. He spoke on various subjects linked with issues of environment and hot issues that are affecting eco-friendship in South India. His speech pointed out how selfish politics in the country will endanger preservation of environment and worsen global warming. He showed how the Kudankulam Nuclear Power Plant issue and Mullaperiyar Reservoir issue are leading the people of the states to inhuman activities and turning life a catastrophe. His "longest speech marathon" was recorded in history and reached the attention of people who maintain world records.

Dinamalar, a leading Tamil daily in India, reported on January 10, 2012 about the official communique received by Madasamy from the authorities of the Guinness World Records, conferring title on him for his "longest speech marathon" record.

A trilingual speech for 36 hours

Madasamy mixed three languages in his speech to draw the attention of the people of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. His trilingual speech mixing Malayalam, Tamil and English languages was recorded and was sent to the officials. It was also a call for harmony.

Madasamy carries on his message of eco-friendship and preservation of environment. In addition duties as a postal assistant at Peermede Post Office, he finds time to carry on his message of eco-friendship and preservation of environment.



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