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The Angelic Receptionists of Islam Faith

January 10, 2012  by: Paulose  Points: 12   Category: Inspirational Stories    Views: 404

Houris are the Angelic receptionists of Islamic faith. They are the celestial beings ready to receive the Islamic faithful at the gates of heaven. The everlasting pleasures of heavenly promises strengthen people in their religious life.


You may wonder why the Muslims are more eager to sacrifice their lives for their faith. It is because of the promise of the Quran about the bliss in heaven. The pleasant and happy life promised for a faithful Muslim is so great that the several pleasures waiting in heaven will give the needed courage to undergo any sacrifice, including laying down one's own life. Quran teaches that the Houris are mystical spirits that exist in paradise. They are described as most beautiful and eternally young virgins that linger in paradise.

The Houris in Quran

The Holy Quran mentions in several places about the Houris. Although they are described as feminine by qualities they are mentioned as both sexes. Men will have woman-likewoman-likeions elaborate on the sensual image of the Houris and define some of their functions, when a faithful Muslim reaches paradise. For example, the faithful believer is presented with a large number of Houris, with whom he can enjoy as per the good deeds he performed while he was on this earth and as per the observations of laws of the faith such as fasting in Ramadan and so on.
Some Muslim theologians, like al-Bay?awi, say that the Houris are some kind of metaphoric interpretation to mention the celestial bodies. Some also suggest that Prophet Muhammad reinterpreted the angels seen in pictures of Christian paradise as the Houris.

The Houris are divine promise for faithful life in Islam. The life on earth is very short and the pleasures here on earth are only short-living. The Houris are meant to induce humans to be attracted to the divine pleasures of the paradise than the temporary carnal pleasures of this world.

(published in Triond.com under my name thresia paulose: http://relijournal.com/islam/the-angelic-receptionists-of-islamic-faith-...)


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