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Wailing Service of India

January 11, 2012  by: Paulose  Points: 20   Category: Others    Views: 834

Wailing and lamenting are the moving scenes of a funeral. But time has changed now and man hesitates to show even his relationship with the demised! Are our natural emotions dying?


Mr. Chacko died suddenly. He had a massive attack.

The doctor confirmed his death.

"What shall I do now?" his helper Charlie was running here and there! He didn't know where to go, what to do next and whom to ask.

Mr. Chacko was a very reserved man and he didn't have many friends. Even some friends, whom he described as cheating crows, were not allowed to move closer with him. Rather he was more afraid of them if they would swindle away his wealth. He was always suspecting that others will cheat him and run away with his money!

Now that is what happened! Nobody knew anything about his money or anything about him. His two sons were away in distant countries in search of "big money." Alex the elder was in California and Aron the younger was in Melbourne, Australia.

Charlie contacted Alex by phone and conveyed the message. But there was no emotion of his father's demise from the son. His reaction was just like hearing hot flash news in some TV channel!

"Alright Charlie, you can arrange for the burial, and do all the other formalities. I hope I can reach before the funeral. By the by did you inform Aron?" Then only he remembered that he had a brother!

"Don't forget video and other things for a grand funeral!" Alex was not ready to lose the traditional prestige of the family!

Aron also was not different either!. He was tight in his business and was not ready to have a break in his soaring business. He doubted if he could reach the funeral in time. There were no relatives in the city that could come and arrange things. Even a few relatives who were there could not spare even a minute for Chacko. All of them bargained relationship with money. Blood was not thicker to those hard hearted businessmen!

So there lay Mr.Chacko in the hospital mortuary, unvisited and unwept!

Unfortunately his wife Julie passed away two years back and Mr. Chacko was looking after his business with the help of Charlie.

Mr. Chacko was a busy business man in the city. His business talent earned him plenty. He had no time to count his money! His sons were also busier than their father. They bought lands and flats and were going on spreading their business far and wide. Both of them had no time even to say a hello to their father!

Poor Charlie, the faithful servant, was the only person who is thinking of the great businessman Mr.Chacko at least after his death!

"After all what could this wealthy man earn now?" He had been serving him for the past ten years. He knows about the great wealth of his boss. He knows about the growth of his avaricious sons who also have started their life like their father! Their maxim was "Money can do anything. If you just throw away money, you get all services!"

Charlie returned to the bungalow of Mr.Chacko. He was afraid of entering that greedy mansion alone when its owner was already in a neglected mortuary! It is true that times have much changed. Now there are services available for everything.


Now services are available for all the needs on the earth: for family functions, for social gatherings, for all your needs good or bad! You just pay the advance and relax. You get everything for rent! Catering services for arranging meals of any size, video and photo service to capture any thing for your future memory, accommodation and decoration services for any occasion orchestra troupes to entertain functions, and even wailing services to create a mourning atmosphere at bereavements!


Formerly when there is a death in a village, the villagers used to gather in the house and do all the arrangements for the last journey of the departed soul. Naturally there will be wailing and sorrowful lamenting from the relatives as well as the neighbors. But now due to urbanization and fast life, people have no time to know one another and share anything with anybody. Everything has become artificial, even mourning!

Now wailing teams are available in cities and they attend functions in villages too. If you can not find them in your place you can call professional wailing women from neighboring state also!


The first thing Charlie has to do was to arrange for the wailing service. Otherwise who is there to show a feeling of sorrow? He searched for the usual Eliamma Wailing Team. Unfortunately it had left to the neighboring village for a funeral service. After trying in so many places he had to call a team from the neighboring state, Tamil Nadu!. They were a four person professional team with a history of twenty years in wailing!


At last the wailing team of Muthamma reached Mr.Chacko's house and began their duty, at least to create a mourning atmosphere! Beating their breasts ceremoniously, they sang the traditional songs called "Oppari" which are meant for this purpose, modifying the songs as per necessity. They technically described details about Mr. Chacko also intertwined in their songs, which had provisions in their formats. Their singing at the right pitch and beating of breasts in tune, and spitting out the betel leaves occasionally added lamenting feelings to the atmosphere!

The busy sons came! The lifeless body of the owner ( Mr.Chacko) was brought! A lot of people came! Video and media came! Funeral ceremonies followed without any life!

Muthamma and her wailing friends broke the silence of death there! They sat around the body and sang in unison, beating their breasts. They were prompt in their duty for which they had already got the wages!


The story I have stated above may seem to be queer and imaginary, but most of the facts and the truth that underlies it are quite true!


Author: kanduri narasimha        
Posted Date: 01/12/2012    Points:2    

Paulose sir, you have given excellent information but you have specified the link from this website. It is unfortunate that your article did not get any cash credits. Once again, you have to refer the FAQ of EK. If you don't mind as a junior to you, I suggest you.

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