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Experiments on air occupies the space

January 11, 2012  by: kanduri narasimha  Points: 12   Category: General Science  Earning $0.25   Views: 2833

In this article, I have mentioned the experiments about the air occupies the space.


Experiments related to air:

The following descriptions are about the experiments about air.

1. Existence air:

a) In this experiment, we come to conclusion that an empty occupies air. For this experiment, we need a tub filled with water, a glass and some tissue paper. First, we have to crumple the tissue paper into a lump and push it to the bottom of the empty glass. Next, we have to invert the glass and push it down into the tub until it is covered with water. Now, we have to remove the glass and keeping it upside down as before. Then the tissue paper becomes dry because the air presents in the glass. Water could not enter into the water as there is the air in the glass.

b) This is another experiment to explain an empty fills with water. For this experiment, we need an empty bottle and a bucket full of water. We have to invert the bottle and make it to dip in the bucket full of water, vertically. The bottle does not allow the water to enter beyond the rim, when you immerse the bottle fully into the bucket. By tilting the bottle a little while keeping it immersed in the water. But, there is a sudden gurgling sound and you can find bubbles air which comes from the bottle. Gradually, the space in the bottle is occupied by the water. So, apparently empty bottle was not really empty as it has air.

c) This is one more experiment to explain air occupies space. For this experiment, we need a rubber nipple without hole, a lid of shoe polish can and some water. In this experiment, we have to take the lid of shoe polish can and we have to take some water in it. We have to dip the nipple into the water. We have to press the nipple with fingers, and then release the pressure. When we press the nipple, then the air inside the nipple comes out in the form of bubbles. When we release the pressure from the nipple, then water tries to enter to fill the space occupied by the air.

The above experiments are about the air occupies the space. The below figure shows air occupies the space.


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