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Tips for selecting a house warming gift.

July 13, 2010  by: Sridevi  Points: 15   Category: Others  Earning $0.50   Views: 2501

Housewarming is the event where people move into a new house-their dream home. They invite all their dear ones on the occasion who present them with all kinds of gifts. Some tips for choosing a suitable gift for the house warming ceremony


Housewarming is the event where people move into a new house-their dream home-which they have either bought or built for themselves. It can mark the beginning of a new life to the person; he might have new ideas and new goals. A ceremony is generally performed to mark the housewarming event. This may be accompanied with a separate party hosted by the new inmates to celebrate the occasion. They invite all their friends/family members to witness their new home.

The ceremony or party is an opportunity for all the invitees to give gifts to the new owners of the home during the ceremony. When presenting a housewarming gift, certain care needs to be exercised. Firstly, it needs to symbolize the warm feelings of the sender/giver towards the new family. Secondly, it would be wise to ponder for a minute on how much utility it will have for the householder and how long it will last. It should not be a throwable item or one that would be of little use. Thirdly, it is better if the gift is a neutral one or that which can be used by all the persons in the new home.

Popular gift items include puja articles, decorative pieces, diaries, wall paintings, flower pots or pots with plants, aromatic candles, photo frames and house hold appliances. A simple flower bouquet with a gift cheque/gift voucher can be given if you are really not sure of the type of gift to be given or if there is not time to purchase the gift.

Some other tips to help you choose the most suitable gift are:

1. The gift needs to be suited to the type of the home. For instance, giving a large painting for a home with small rooms is not advisable and would even look a bit odd.

2. When gifting any household accessories like wall curtains or table cloths, ensure that they are either of neutral colour or compatible with the overall décor of the new home

3. The general disposition of the would-be occupants should also be taken into consideration. If they are devout persons performing daily prayers, any puja article or an idol of a god/goddess would be nice, else just a painting of a deity would do.

4. Decorative pieces or showpieces would be good, if the persons are more into the creative side and have a display case in the home. Else, a simple painting or any tapestry work would be ideal as a wall hanging.

5. Photo frames could be an ideal gift, especially for the newly-weds. For a casual home, you can choose wood, metal,or glass frame and for a more formal setting, a crystal or silver frame would be nice. Photo frames, cameras and photo albums form the perfect gift if they have an avid interest in photography. Photos with a 'OM' or 'Swastik' on it, which ensure good luck and prosperity, can be given. Feng-Shui books and articles can also be presented, if they have the belief

6. Household appliances can be given to any person, especially to newly married couples. It may be anything, ranging from pepper-shakers to lanterns to electronic goods like TVs and washing machines. However, when giving major appliances to elderly persons, care needs to be taken to ensure that the appliance is not already with them.

7. A flower vase is an interesting gift item. A crystal or silver vase can be given for a formal home while porcelain or pottery vase is fair enough for a more casual setting. Bonsai plants or other indoor plants also make a good option for the plant enthusiast.

8. An MP3 player or a musical time piece is ideal for those who like listening to music. Similarly, a CD stack can also be given as a present. Other electronic devices for the technology-oriented include electronic dairies, laptops, and blackberries.

9. Clothes also make a good gift option. You can gift clothes to both the persons, provided you have an idea about the type of outfit they prefer and the approximate size that they need

10. Another beautiful gift item would be pleasing aromatic candles, with artistic candleholders.

Further, all the gifts mentioned above can be complemented with a House warming greeting card as shown below:

The above points, I suppose, would be helpful in making a proper choice of a gift to be presented on a house warming occasion. More gift ideas could be obtained after seeing the items at the gift-shop and is, of course, dependent on your alloted budget.

Author: rockstar        
Posted Date: 07/14/2010    Points:2    

Nice article Sridevi when any one invites us to witness their new home then we think a lot about what should we give as gift . In this article you have given so many ideas about what we can gift on such housewarming event.
Author: kalyani        
Posted Date: 07/29/2010    Points:1    

Good article, Sridevi. You have given some very useful and valuable tips on how to select a housewarming gift.

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