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Ten 'No's in a Bedroom to Make it Happier

January 12, 2012  by: Paulose  Points: 20   Category: Others    Views: 571

Life has become fast. Everything in the modern world has become fast. Even marital relationship of family life has become a fast ceremony.


Modern life in the globalized world has become fast. Everything in a faster run. Everybody has to run for everything. Instant food and accessories for a faster life have replaced smooth, calm and serene lifestyle of the past. Even sex has become a faster ceremony in the modern lifestyle. This faster sex is ending in failures in marital life. Many problems that lead to this failure can be avoided by careful handling.

Your Bedroom Is The Happiest Nest of Your Family Life

Your bedroom is the happy nest of your marital life. It is your dream world of happiness. It is the most beautifully appointed room in all the land assuring you rest, relaxation and rejuvenation. It is the sanctuary of your energetic resurrection. Do not allow anything that distracts and hinders your privacy and vibrant romantic life.

Ten 'No's in a Bedroom to Make it happier

Your bedroom should not lose its vibrant romantic mood in any way. Both the partners of the room should be able to say 'No' to the following ten things to make life a more assured one.

1) 'No' to carry tension into the bedroom

Of course there could have been so many problems that would have made both of you tense. There is no life without tension. It is quite natural. But do not carry them into your bedroom. Communicate properly and relieve the tension before you enter into your bedroom. Going to sleep with is another danger for your health. After all you both live for each other. Talk openly with a give and take policy and clear the misunderstanding.

2) 'No' to ill-treat your partner

You should be careful not to harm or ill-treat your partner in the bedroom. It will lead to incurable wounds. The bedroom is not for pointing out the defects and failures of your partner. Respect each other's characters and encourage each other for a better life.

3) 'No' to compare the partner with others

Never compare the partner with others who could have been sweeter to you. Bedroom is not the place for such comparisons. Do not say, "Look darling, our neighbor Rajan has purchased a nice bangle for his wife Saru". Such comment is nothing but an axe to the bark of your understanding.

4) 'No' to sex in the room where your children sleep

Having marital relationship in the room where the children are sleeping has led to a lot of serious problems. Though they may be sleeping there is always chance for their waking up and being shocked to see you. It may create unnecessary problems in their life. Moreover, you will also have the fear of such happenings which will definitely hinder your normal enjoyment.

5) 'No' to distracting words

While you are moving towards your ecstasy, do not remind about your payment on the next day or any other distracting thing.

6) 'No' to force your partner for marital relationship

Sex is a divine sharing. Force in an way cannot make it a happy one. Rather it will spoil everything. One sided sex is only 'lust' and it can never be 'love'. Create circumstances that will make both of you motivated towards a single goal.

7) 'No' to try methods that your partner may not like

Never try any method or pose that are suggested in 'Kamasutra' or other sex literatures. Adopt only methods that are agreeable to both of you.

8) 'No' to inebriety

Over drinking alcohol before entering your bedroom will lead you to only unbridled behavior which will end in tears. Sex is the expression of pure love where both of you unite into one physically, mentally and spiritually.

9) 'No' to heavy meal before going to bed

Ayurveda has strictly warned that sex immediately after heavy meal will cause diseases in addition to unsatisfactory sex.

10) 'No' to analgesic tablets

Some may have to take sleeping tablets for their sleep. Those people should be careful in not taking them before their sex as it would harm their enjoyment.



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