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Organizing and Presenting a Speech- Informative Speeches

January 12, 2012  by: rekhas  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.75   Views: 752

Here we discuss about making and organizing various speeches and focus on informative type of speeches.


Why is it important to organize speeches before delivering them? Well, this is because organizing the speech and rehearsing helps the speaker to know about the flaws and errors and rectify before facing the audience. Moreover, organizing and writing down the speech helps to present it with more clarity. Speaker can write down the main topics about the topic of discussion and elaborate while on the stage.

Different Ways of Organizing a Message

There are different ways of making speeches and presentations. The best and correct method is by using a core or main statement followed by main points and sub-points that further elaborate the core message.

What is the Core Statement?

A well organized speech usually contains-
-Points or Ideas that require more clarification and discussion;
-It also contains information that clarifies these ideas and points.

The points that require clarification and proof comprise the core statement and is a part of the general discussion. "Main Points" are the statements or points that provide a solution or proof to the core statement. The Sub points clarify the main points and add weightage to the proof that clarifies the core statement.

Core Statement is also called as the subject or theme statement. It revolves around the main idea of the subject and hence is the unifying aspect of a speech.

Some Examples include -

Rapid increase in Indian Population (core statement)
Population mainly increasing in North India (Main Point)
Bihar also showed rapid population increase (Sub point)

This example states that population increase is main topic of discussion. The main point further enforces this discussion by saying that it is increasing in northen area. The subpoint adds more proof to say that Bihar saw a growth in population too.

Speech Presentation- Organization Structure

Organizational structure is nothing but arranging the speeches in order of core, main point and subpoints.Organizing makes it easy for audience to understand the speech with clarity.

Organizing Informative Speeches

While you are organizing your speech, it is essential to ensure that the speech has a proper and right flow or direction and there is utmost clarity. This enables audience to have a clear understanding of the information being imparted to them.

An Informative speech has an Introduction, Body and Conclusion.

The Introduction in Informative Speeches

Introduction in any speech has multiple purposes. It creates an interest among the audiences and also provides an insight into the topic of discussion. The listeners will get a brief idea of what points the speaker will discuss in the course of the presentation.

The audience will pay attention only if they feel interested in the speech. The introduction should hence be able to hold the audience attention. Introduction should also have the main points of the speech in brief. This way, it becomes easier to make the speech as the listeners are paying full attention.

The Body of Informative Speeches

The body of the speech should also be arranged in a meaningful manner and should be brief and retain attention. There are different patterns of the 'body' of the speech-

Chronology Pattern - The events or points are grouped in the order they happened.
For example, talking about successive chronology of a war or historical data.

Spatial Pattern- Helps to speak about scenes and region or location. You can speak on data based on one region or another. For instance, speaking of sculptures in different locations.

Casual Pattern - the order presents the topic in a cause and effect relationship. For instance, speaking of different harmful effects of environmental pollution that damages the ozone layer.

Topical Pattern - Follows a logic pattern of events and activities in the presentation. This is most common pattern used in speeches and is the best way to deliver the message easily.

The Conclusion in Informative Speeches

The speaker summarises all main points in order to conclude the speech.


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