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God does answer our prayer

January 12, 2012  by: befrindwithme26  Points: 12   Category: Others    Views: 906

We talk to God through prayer because He alone who perfectly hear us and knows all.


What is prayer?
Prayer is way to communicate/a telephone for you to God.Why? Because the Bible speaks that Jesus is the way to the Father in Heaven. So when we pray we must call God's name, Jesus, Lord, Saviour, King of God, and the God of all creations. Prayer is the only way we can talk to God, either in silent talk, around with people and at Church.
It is the tool for us to use every day about prayer. Prayer will give you wisdom because Jesus is your personal talk. We talk to Him because He only hears perfectly our needs, problems, pain and etc.

Prayer can change us greatly because when we pray, God working behind, and we experience the power of Him.

Does God answer our prayers?

Yes He does. God will answer us in three ways:

These are:

Yes-God will says yes to your need if it is will for you, and important in your life. And also useful.

No-No to God it means is not allowed, not good for you and will for you to give the needs.

Wait-God will say wait, and do not force God to answer your need because there is reason why He said to wait and just wait in the right time and right will for you.

And every things happens to you is God's purpose, either your prayer is answered, not answered; long time or delayed its Gods purpose to do that because there is things that need to learn and to wait for Him.

Some prayers are delayed, not answered is because there are sins/disobedient that needs to fix it, and God will make a way to realize you and to think about what is Gods will for you.
The Bible encourages us to keep praying and He does answer us surely.
Prayer is important to us specially if we are Christian/believer. God says in Jeremiah to call Him 33:3, Psalms 91:15, Isa.48:6.

Author: Mathi        
Posted Date: 01/17/2012    Points:1    

yes your articles says really true dear. prayer goes up and blessing comes down.

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