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The perfect consultant is God

January 12, 2012  by: befrindwithme26  Points: 12   Category: Others    Views: 957

God does hear you because He is the perfect/direct access of everything we suffered hardly.


Do you have problems every day that you can't bear it or handle it? Are you suffering to care it and hurt by it? Sometimes problems are unexpected, we did not know that it is hard and painful to face it.We cry for it because it is heavy in your heart.Now, if you have problems that makes you stress, depress I can help you and advice to leave everything to God. If your friends, people help your problems to comfort you, thank God for that because they are there for you and they are the guidance for you so you can recover. Now God is the perfect doctor, perfect consultant open 24 hours a day and night never late to answer, to care your need.

You can consult God every problems you have and if you have the Bible you can go read the Book of Psalms and there are many encouraging verses that will help you learn, encourage you and will give you knowledge. And even you can't see God personally, but you can read the Bible personally. God will talk to you through His Word and will guide you in truth.
God is perfect consultant, you can talk to Him alone and even you work go anywhere God will talk to you.

Once we leave all the problems to Him, God will care that, and help you to overcome it.Life can't be perfect everything because we still in this world, and those storms we face is Gods purpose to taste/try life if we are believing Him true or God make that things to happen so we can know and go to God to call and know Him as true living God. We just need to have faith in God, believe Him, trust and asking forgiveness to Him so He will hear us. Yes He is perfect consultant and he wants us to have pure heart, so we can go directly to Him and talk to Him clearly.God said He is the way to Heaven John14:6.

Author: Joina        
Posted Date: 04/05/2012    Points:4    

To live a perfect life is a hard task for anybody and everybody. We always try again and again to be perfect, but only to find that we fail to become perfect. It is an impossible task for anybody to be perfect. So, most preachers say that when God wants us to be perfect, He does not mean that we must be perfect, but He wants us to be better. But, when God requires us to be perfect, He put God the Father for an example so that nobody can water down the meaning of the word perfect. The Bible says that we must be perfect as God the Father is perfect.

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