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Experiments on expansion of air on heating

January 12, 2012  by: kanduri narasimha  Points: 6   Category: General Science  Earning $0.20   Views: 1058

In this article, I have presented the experiments on expansion of air on heating.


Experiments on air expands on heating:

The below experiments are about air expands on heating.
a) In this experiment, we require a glass bottle with lid and some water. We have to wet the lid of the bottle and we have to place it on top of the neck of the bottle without screwing it shut. Now, we have to hold the bottle in both our hands and observe the lid. We will see the lid moving up and down as the warmth of our hands heats the air in the bottle which in turn expands and pushing the lid.
b) In this experiment, we require three identical balloons and a piece of string. We have to fill up the balloons with air till they are of the same size. We have to check the size of the balloons by measuring with a piece of string which is held around the widest part of each balloon. We have to number the balloons as 1,2 and 3. We have to place the first balloon in a warm place. We do not allow the balloon to touch the anything hot. We have to place the second balloon in a fridge. Let we keep the third balloon at room temperature. After one hour, we have to compare the balloons. Then, we will find that the first balloon has expanded as the air in the balloon was expanded due to heat. The second balloon contracts as it kept in the fridge. The third balloon at room temperature remains same.
c) For this experiment, we need a metal dust bin, dry clearning bag, some cellotape, thin wire, news paper crumpled into balls and a match box. We have to take a thinnest and biggest dry cleaning bag. We have to past with cellotape if it has any holes. We have to fix the light weight wire to the neck of the bag with the help of cellotape. Now, we have to open a metal dustbin in our courtyard. We have to place a few balls of newspaper in the bin and we have to put a lighted match stick to make the balls burn. Now, we have to hold this bag over the hot air rising from the metal bin. Now, let go of this bag and then you will see it ascend in the air.


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