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Easy and Quick Lunch Ideas

January 14, 2012  by: shweta khare  Points: 7   Category: Others  Earning $0.10   Views: 1060

easy and quick lunch ideas for children as well as grow ups


The people who have to spend the entire day out of the house or go for a day job, they have to choices for their mid day meal. They can either eat out or carry their own lunch bags made at home. Carrying their own lunch bags is a healthier idea as quality, nutrition and calorific value of the food could be easily monitored. Even the parents of school going kids have to go through the struggle of thoughts to make new recipe each day so that the kids love it and get the empty lunch bags on their return. The parents not only have to struggle for delicious Lunch Ideas but they also have to take proper care of the nutrition received by the child. It requires lot of creativity and innovation. Here are a few quick lunch ideas that can be made quickly without much hassle and save the morning hours spend in the kitchen:

Sandwich es: sandwiches are the easiest and most simple Lunch Ideas and are a sure love for all the children. They offer wide range of experimentation. Adding more varieties and showing your creativity, you can present a new recipe each day and can make it healthier and nutritive by adding more veggies.

Wraps and rol ls: Wraps and roles are also a potent Lunch Ideas as they are made with whole grains. They are more nutritious and healthy. You can do many interesting experimentation with these. Add more of whole grains and veggies to make it even more nutritive.

Salad and Fruit: Salads and fruits are the healthiest of all Lunch Ideas especially for adults as they are loaded with nutrition and without any extra calories. Salads contain lots of fiber that is good for digestion. You can make it even healthier by adding sprouted grains, boiled eggs or shredded chicken.

Author: rekhas        
Posted Date: 01/24/2012    Points:3    

Very nice article Shweta! I also use salads for lunch. It is very filling to have salads with nuts and dried cranberries. We then tend to eat less rice. This reduces the starch and carbs intake. Rotis or wraps and sandwiches are easy to make and a light meal too. We feel more energetic after such healthy meals. Hope to read more such interesting articles from your end!
Author: Mathi        
Posted Date: 02/11/2012        

really nice and interesting article.thanks

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