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Bad impact of Anaemia on our body

January 16, 2012  by: kanduri narasimha  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.60   Views: 818

In this article, I have explained what is Anaemia and how it is generated in our body.


Anaemia and its bad effects:

Anaemia is a disease which attacks a person who has deficiency of hemoglobin. There are number of persons who suffers from this disease in India. In those persons, women suffers more with Anaemia. Due to decrease of red blood cells in our body in bone marrow causes Anaemia. Generally, a healthy red blood cell can live from 90 to 120 days. Automatically, after completing of life span of red blood cells, they can be removed from our body by the parts of our body. A harmone, erthropoietin which made in our kidneys directs our bone marrow to make more red blood cells. Hemoglobin is the protein which carries oxygen inside red blood cells. Because of the existence of hemoglobin gives red color to red blood cells. Those people who have anemia do not have enough percentage of hemoglobin.

What happens when Anaemia has attacked?

Due to decrease of the percentage of hemoglobin in human body, supply of oxygen to the parts of the body also decreases. If this situation happens for a long time, then only symptoms of Anaemia appears in the human body.
At initial stages the following symptoms are appeared.
1. Fatigue
2. Breathing problem
3. Heart murmur
At severe stages of Anaemia the following symptoms are appeared.
1. Chest pain
2. Dizziness
3. Rapid heart rate

Why does Anaemia attack the human body?

Because of deficiency of healthy nutrition food, this Anaemia disease attacks the human body. Nutrition components such as iron, zinc, vitamin-c and B-complex are important to reduce Anaemia. Due to lack of these nutrition components, the effected Anaemia is called as "Nutritional Anaemia". Even iron, zinc, vitamin-c and B-complex are in the food, but lack of enough enzymes in the digestive part, Anaemia will be effected to human body. That Anaemia is called as "Perinicious Anaemia"

Generally, lack of enough iron percentage in the children they would like to eat mud, chalk like non eating foods. This symptom is called pica. Anaemia which comes in ladies due to imbalance of harmones in their body. Due to this problem, they have severe bleeding problem. Due to this effect, they face Anaemia which is called as "Haemorrhagic Anaemia".
When malaria attacks, red blood cells get broken so that hemoglobin percentage is decreased. In that situation, the effected Anaemia is called " Haemolytil Anaemia". If the cancer is attacked to bone marrow, then it could not produce red blood cells or red blood cells in bone marrow could not be matured. So, in the situation, the effected Anaemia is called "Aplastic Anaemia"


To cure from Anaemia, the only solution is that to take nutrition food that has sufficient iron, zinc, vitamin-c and B-complex.


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