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Detail information on education from education report-2011

January 17, 2012  by: kanduri narasimha  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.30   Views: 666

In this article, I have given information on education report-2011 by government of India.


Details of education report-2011:

With the association of "Pratham" non government organisation, central government has issued an educational report-2011. According to this report, most of elementary children who wanted to join in private schools than government schools. This tradition is already in towns and cities. Now this tradition is expanding to villages regarding to the report.

The main points in education report-2011 is as follows:

1. Percentage of children who joined in the private schools in 206 was 18.7%. But, in 2011, this percentage is increased to 25.6%.
2. From five years, the percentage of enrolled children in private schools in Haryana, Uttarpradesh, panjab, Andhra Pradesh, Jammu&Kashmir, Uttarakhand, Naagaland and Meghaalay has been raising from 30% to 50%.
3. 96.4% of elementary children would like to join in private schools.
4. Attendance percentage in primary school is decreasing in efficient manner. Attendance percentage in 2007 is 73.4%. But, in 2011, it became 70.9%. In Bihar, 9% of attendance is decreased. Meanwhile, in Madhya Pradesh, percentage of attendance is decreased from 67 to 54.5. In Uttar Pradesh, decreasing percentage is 7%.
5. This repport said that fundamental reading ability is lapsed in the pupil. Ability of fifth class students to read second class text book is 53.7% in 2010, but in 2011, it was decreased to 48.2%.
6. Come to maths, it beame fhobia to students in present also. Ability to solve two numbers subtractions by third class students in 2010 was 36.3%, but in 2011 it was decreased to 29.9%. Ability to solve ratio problems and subtractions by fifth class students in 2010 was 70.9%, but in 2011, it was decreased to 61%.
7. Comparing with previous year, progress in education is appeared in southern states such as Andhra Pradesh, Karnaataka, Tamilnadu and Kerala.
8. This report expressed its dissatisfaction on education development because Sarvashiksha Abhiyaan issued funds to infrastructure for schools and newly teaching faculty appointment regarding to the ratio of teacher and pupil.

How this survey was done?

"Pratham", non government organisation conducted the survey in 16000 villages in 558 districts throughout India. This organisation met nearly 3lakhs people and 6lakhs children regarding to this survey.

Author: AJAY        
Posted Date: 01/22/2012    Points:2    

This is really an interesting education report which gives a better comparison of private schools with government schools. What is most interesting though is that the the subject mathematics is still a phobia among st our youngsters.

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