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Five Characteristics of a Proper Handwriting and ways of developing it

January 17, 2012  by: S. Chowdhury  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.90   Views: 1239

In the present modern age of technology usage of handwriting is suffering in young children creating problems in their learning process. I've mentioned the five characteristics that a proper handwriting needs to have and also added methods of attaining them, specifically for those young persons whose handwritings fall short of the mark.


In the age of computers, mobile phones and other advanced gadgets the art of handwriting is getting diminished by the day among the younger generation and a trend of typing keys is rather taking its place. It's not promising at all for their betterment as various researches done over the years suggest that writing on paper by hand helps in the formation of memories and learning process of a young person much more than typing.

Therefore it is time that parents and teachers take care that while their wards take to the keys they don't neglect the age-old learning process through proper development of handwriting. Generally proper handwriting is defined by the following five characteristics. Unless those are exhibited and developed in the handwriting patterns of a child or a young person it cannot be said that they have learned to write properly. So while one learns new techniques to make handwriting better one should emphasize upon the matter that it depicts the following five characteristics to make it better and a proper one.

Along with the handwriting characteristics I've also added some corrective measures or exercises that you should follow if your handwriting doesn't depict those characteristics. The five characteristics of a proper handwriting are as follows:

(1) Handwriting should be legible

A written matter must be legible so that the reader doesn't have to tear his or her hair out to decipher the words rather than pondering over the content. Joining the words properly and cohesively is something that comes with practice and must be emphasized upon. A neat and clean written matter makes even the reader contended, while an illegible one only annoys the person reading it and if it happens to be an exam paper or a job application then marks are surely to be deducted for the poor job done or the job application rejected. So making handwriting legible is paramount for a young person.

Illegible and improper Handwriting

(2) Handwriting should be comfortable

The person who is writing the matter should feel at ease and comfortable with his or her handwriting and not get over-anxious with the handwriting process or else the learning progression will only be a drag and not produce the end desired result. While at ease the hand muscles would be relaxed and hence the writing flow would continue. So just relax a bit while writing so that it doesn't get stressful and make your handwriting appear scattered, taking away all the enjoyment of writing.

(3) Handwriting should come Naturally

Writing should come naturally to you or else you'd end up paying attention to your handwriting only and the thread of thoughts that goes in towards constructing a proper content will get hampered. Devote separate times in a day towards practicing handwriting and writing on a subject. That way you will ensure that while you are writing on a subject of your choice focus on the subject remains intact and of top priority. After practicing for a considerable period of time (depends on your level of adaptation) you won't find any difference between the two handwritings.

(4) Handwriting should be speedy

Writing speed is very important for everyone or else just writing a simple piece would take up all your time and not only will it leave you feeling frustrated but also you won't be able to complete anything, be it the exam answer sheet or an article or something else within the stipulated time. Therefore practicing to write faster is also necessary while paying attention to make writing neat and clean. The right balance to both makes things perfect. If your writing speed is slow then monitor it regularly with a watch and work on its progress. Slowly through regular daily practice it will improve bit by bit up to the desired and accepted mark.

(5) Handwriting Standard should be prolonged

While learning ways of proper handwriting one should also learn to be able to prolong one's handwriting throughout the length of the written matter. If that skill is not learnt then even though some parts of the writing might appear okay, other parts will appear very clumsy and not only would it make the written matter appear messy but also would make your efforts futile. Hence one should practice extensively to maintain the same standard of quality throughout long periods of handwriting. Make out some time at least once in a week to write at great lengths. It can be answering an exam question paper or writing an article but should be lengthy. Just like the previous writing exercise increase the length of the written matter bit by bit and don't give up till you are able to sustain your handwriting standard to the desired level of quality.

Proper and clean Handwriting

If you practice the methods stated above along with the other general writing techniques then your handwriting won't be an issue for you anymore. For young children, their parents and teachers should make them follow those methods after explaining the benefits to them. Even they would enjoy once the benefits keep coming through regular practice.


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