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How to Use and Buy Herbatint Hair Color Product

January 18, 2012  by: rekhas  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.50   Views: 801

Hair coloring is quite popular among all ages and genders. People love to experiment with their hair by using different hair colors, streaks and hair styles. Hair color can damage your hair because chemical based hair colors contain ammonia and other harmful ingredients. However, Herbatint is a natural hair dye product that contains plant and vegetable proteins. It naturally colors your hair and does not contain ammonia, artificial chemicals or perfumes.


Hair color products are a booming industry. People love to color their hair for fun, to hide the grey hair or to streak hair in multi-colors. If you love your hair and want a safe hair-coloring product, Herbatint can be your best choice. It is safer than the regular chemical hair color products. Herbatint does not contain ammonia, alcohol, artificial perfumes or methyl resorcinol. Hence, this product does not cause damage to your hair like other chemical hair color products.

Herbatint Hair Dye

Unlike other hair dye products, herbatint is free from ammonia. It is made from herbal and plant protein ingredients. You can use it in multiple ways to color your hair permanently, temporarily or for a single use basis.

How to use Herbatint for Hair Color

Like all other skin care products, it is advisable to conduct an allergy check. Test this product by applying a tiny amount on the skin and wash it after a day or two. If there are any rashes or allergic reactions, then it may not be suitable for you.

You can also try a color check or test on your hair. If possible, trim a tiny bit of hair using scissors and keep it in a small plate. Apply some Herbatint hair color on it. After 40 to 45 minutes, check the results. If the results are satisfactory, you can proceed to apply Herbatint on your hair.

Applying Herbatint Hair Dye

Always use disposable hand gloves while coloring your hair. Read the instructions on the hair dye product carefully. Herbatint comes with an application bottle. Use it to mix the color as per the instructions. The temporary Herbatint hair dye lasts for nearly 18 hair washes, if you mix around 30 ml of this product. If you mix 10-12 ml, it will last up to nine or 12 washes.

Always use Herbatint on dry hair. Start from the roots and spread it through the entire hair length. If possible, you can also seek for professional help. Take your Herbatint to the hair salon and ask the beautician to help you with it. After applying Herbatint hair dye, leave it on your hair for at least 45 to 50 minutes and rinse with warm or lukewarm water until the hair is clear of the dye. Herbatint hair dye product contains a shampoo too. Hence, you can use the same shampoo to protect the hair color so that it lasts longer. The product also includes a hair conditioner to protect and keep your hair safe.

Usually, hair salons use both chemical and herbal hair colors. Some high-end salons will have organic hair dyes too. If Herbatint suits your hair, you can safely use it to dye your hair. You can buy Herbatint online on websites like Amazon and Target. Herbatint hair dye kit is cheaper than most of the chemical colors. Moreover, it also comes with a shampoo, conditioner and applicator. You can buy it for $20 or less depending on the size of the kit. Go ahead and use safer hair dyes to protect your hair while you look great!


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