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A guide for improving your writing in English

January 18, 2012  by: Srikant Mohanty  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.80   Views: 1478

This article suggests some simple ways to improve your writing in English


What is a sentence?

All grammar books in English define it as a 'group of words having a complete sense is known as a sentence'.

Here, we derive two things from the above definition. Those are a group of words and a complete sense. While most of us succeed in forming a group of words using combinations from grammar, there is difficulty in creating a complete sense or meaning, helpful for effective communication.

Is studying books in English grammar helpful? There are plenty of guides on sentence writing in every book-stall of your city. Do those give you enough fodder to write creatively with the expressions of your heart?

'Not really! Reading those books tests our patience and there we have to mug up things and forget soon'- says one of the brilliant students in the class of Communication Management.

'English is a funny language and rules do not follow fixed patterns. Learning 'dos' and 'don'ts' in grammar add to the skill but can not help you in forming meanings, really expressive by purpose'-agrees another group of students of the same class.

'We really need a mixture of both: a good knowledge in grammar and a good dose of reading to add sense to the writing'-Thus, we concur at the end of the class.

At length, we formed six basic tenets of sentence writing. Those, if practiced regularly can make your writing expressive and meaningful.

Let's discuss those one by one;-

(1) Do not read grammars too much; discuss the rules in it with your teacher- This is the thumb rule of remembering the ground rules of grammar? Those are tedious! But a spirited discussion makes a difference. English grammar is even taught in the classes of adult students. In the class for difficult competitive examination, there is exhaustive discussion about the usage of grammar. There students marvel at the way how meanings alter completely with the use of 'ly' to a particular word.
For instance;
I am studying hard for the examination.
I am studying hardly for the examination.
The meaning of the second sentence is just the opposite of first one. Although this simplistic use is taught in the junior classes, graduates express their ignorance at it. It is because there are many amongst the students, who used to play truant in the grammar classes. So they missed the rules; even some of them knew it vaguely. So mugging up grammar is unproductive but spirited discussion with the teacher clears your doubts and sets up your fundamentals strongly.

(2) Read fiction, non-fiction and magazines- Fiction, non-fiction and magazines are important tools for improving communicative English and creative writing. Fictions shape up your imagination, non-fiction builds up your power of expression and magazines teach you how you can present in the most cogent manner. Magazines show you the logical way to present facts in your writing without bias.
(3) Make use of dictionary, thesaurus and books of synonyms and antonyms- While you read, it is natural that you face unknown words. Those come too often for the new readers. There not only you try to know their meaning but the important thing is you must try to learn about their correct usage. The wrong use of word in an incorrect sense is called malapropism. It happens frequently for people new to writing. After you make proper use of dictionaries and thesaurus, the next task is to put the use of words in your writing. Repeated uses of one word is not something nice in writing but change that word with the help of synonyms and do know the use of antonyms.
(4) Make use of phrases and idioms- Phrases and idioms are important parts of creative writing. But do not memorize those straight from the books of phrases and idioms. You come across a number of phrases and idioms, while you read books and magazines. Do not ignore those. Learn about using those from the grammar books and dictionaries.
(5) Write two pages regularly- In order to improve writing, you need to write two pages regularly. It is a 'must' for the improvement of writing. Get it corrected by experienced teacher. One more effective method is, you can do it with the help of your personal computer by writing in Microsoft word. There you come to know about the spelling errors and grammatical mistakes. Your mistakes are underlined in red-ink. Once you patiently continue writing, it improves automatically.
(6) Search internet for guidance in better sentence writing- There are really helpful sites to help you improve your writing. Sites like www.dailywritingtips.com send you interesting updates on grammar almost everyday to your inbox. If you spare five minute time everyday for reading those interesting pieces of knowledge, gradually your grasp of grammar becomes better. Just be member of one or two such websites.

So friends, wish you happy writing.

Author: rekhas        
Posted Date: 01/24/2012    Points:4    

daily writing tips is indeed an interesting website. I also agree with your statement that we should read more books and magazines. The newspapers like Hindu and Indian Express are good for improving grammar. Reading fiction and non-fiction is another interesting way to improve grammar. Simply mugging grammar books are not very helpful. However, we can casually read the books like wren and martin for grammar and the Yahoo!Styleguide. Both are quite helpful and especially good for english exams, writing and conversations.
Author: Mathi        
Posted Date: 02/05/2012        

ya. very nice approach.
Author: AJAY        
Posted Date: 02/06/2012    Points:4    

This is really a very informative and helpful guide for improving writing skills in English. I also appreciate the idea of the author about writing two paragraphs daily for enhancing the writing skills altogether.

Writing English properly does counts a lot in day to day life and one needs to devote a certain amount of time regularly to master the art. With regular practice one would certainly improve his/her writing skills. Here, the famous proverb should be kept in mind that practice makes a complete man.

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