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Computer Monitoring - The need of an hour

January 20, 2012  by: david parker  Points: 12   Category: Software    Views: 543

The above article deals with the concept and usage of computer monitoring software on home computers. The article also describes the benefits and functionalities that monitoring software offers to entrepreneurs and individuals.


Today, computer has become the best pal of every individuals ranging from business professionals to kids. Every single user is getting busy with computers and internet which is very common nowadays. The impact of using internet frequently may come straightly when it becomes a matter of surfing and accessing vulnerable sites on the web. As internet is very familiar to everyone, school children and adolescents may fall in the obsession to visit some porn or vulnerable sites which they are not supposed to do. If you suspect that your home PC is being used inappropriately, you can take proper step to stop this by employing computer monitoring software.

Today various organizations and home users are adopting computer monitoring tools to keep a clear tab on the events and activities that are going on their computers. Also, parents feel it secure and safe to keep close look on their kids' activities. Computer monitoring software lets you know the type of activities that are going on your PC at your absence. This system reveals everything by recording the activities and taking screenshots of the websites visited. This tool is very much beneficial for employers as well as parents to control their subordinates.

Once the software is installed, it immediately starts recording keystrokes, chat sessions and visited websites. The programs' record can be accessed and viewed at anytime of the day. With this software, you can easily monitor your children's as well as employee's activities. The parents can also control their kids' activities by setting parental controls in the home PC that both of them share. For this, you need to have at least one administrator account and each of the accounts for which you want to apply Parental Controls must be standard account. Once you have created the user accounts, you have to turn on Parental Controls for each account and then customize the settings for each account.

To turn on Parental Controls for a user account

1.Open Parental Controls by clicking the Start button Picture of the Start button, clicking Control Panel, and then, under User Accounts, clicking Set up Parental Controls.
2.Click the user account for which you want to turn on Parental Controls.
3.Under Parental Controls, click On, enforce current settings.

Once you have added Parental Controls for the accounts, you can customize the settings as per your needs. Further, you can also review activity reports that provides detail message about the activities of your children. The information contains a list of most recently visited websites, downloaded files and other information.

To set up and view activity reports

1.Open Parental Controls by clicking the Start button Picture of the Start button, clicking Control Panel, and then, under User Accounts, clicking Set up Parental Controls.
2.Under Activity Reporting, click On, collect information about computer usage.
3.Click View activity reports to see an activity report.

Apart from this, you can use third party computer monitoring software to monitor all the desktop activities running on your PC. Recoveryfix Computer Monitoring Software is such a tool that monitors and records every PC activity of users in a network.

The author of this article is a renowned technology analyst and has specialized in examining the performance of various computer monitoring software. The author has recommended many tools and techniques for computer monitoring. For more information click here: http://www.computer-monitoring-software.net/ .


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