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Top facts and stats about the fruit pineapple.

January 20, 2012  by: AJAY  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.60   Views: 861

In this article, I will explain about some top facts and facts about pineapple. I have also mentioned about the history of pineapple, demand and cultivation of pineapple, health benefits of pineapples and the usage of pineapples.



Pineapple is a fruit which you can cut and eat raw. It grows in a topical climate from the month of march to June. It is cut in the shape of wheel and stored in tins so that it remains fresh for a long time. Through pineapple different kinds of fruits and salads, desserts, ice-creams, jam, pastries, fruit cocktails are prepared and consumed on a regular basis. It can also be preserved as juice. Moreover, it leaves are used as a textile fiber in textile industries too.

History of pineapple

According to history, the Europeans were the first who discovered this fruit and by having a look at this fruit and its shape they named it as pineapple which means excellent. The original name of the fruit is known to be as ananas. Later Christopher Columbus took this fruit along with himself to Europe. Moreover, Captain Cook saw this fruit for the first time in the Hawaii Islands. In the year 1548, Portuguese traders bought this seed to India.

Demand and cultivation of pineapple

Since this fruit is not available in every season, it is packed, preserved and made available to the consumers throughout the year. It is sold in the market as jam, yogurt, titbits etc. The noteworthy fact is that the demand for packed and sealed pineapple is more than the raw and real fruit itself. Besides, the taste of these packed pineapple is more than the real fruit and the health benefits are too many.

The cultivation of pineapple is mostly done in South American countries like Thailand, Philippine etc. The Hawaii islands are famous for sweet and fresh pineapples. The cultivation of pineapple is also done in Brazil. Moreover, in India, the cultivation of pineapple is done in huge amounts. In north Bengal Singapuri pineapples are very well known and famous. In the slope s of the mountains in South India, north Bengal, Tripura and Assam cultivation of pineapples are done in large climate as the climate favors the cultivation of the same.

Health benefits of pineapples

According to Ayurveda, pineapples can protect us from severe cough and cold and can keep us refreshed for a long time. It also helps us by enhancing our strength and power. Moreover, it also keep our heart cheerful and merry and tremendously improves the rate of our hearth beats.

According to the modern view, it aids us to beat the heat of summer months. Not only that it helps in the process of urination, formation of sweats, maintaining the cool of our body and mind. It also acts as a medicine for jaundice and after influenza it is consumed to regain power and strength of the body. Moreover, it helps to fight sun burn and researchers believes that it helps in our digestion process, inflammations, reducing and controlling the growth of tumor.

Usage of pineapples

Essential items like manganese and vitamin C are found in pineapples. If pineapple juices are applied in meats before cooking it aids in it's boiling and enhances its taste. It contains an essential enzyme called bromelian which helps in the process of breaking proteins in the meat thereby making it softer and easier to digest. You can consume this fruit at any time of the day. The best part is that it can be consumed with ham, chicken, beef, mutton, etc. Moreover, it can also be consumed after our regular meals.

Author: Joina        
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I like pineapple and is one of favorite fruits because it is very tasty. Some people make salad with pineapple. One of the negative points of this fruit is that it is very difficult to remove the peel because there are so many thorns.

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