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How to feel good about yourself in Five Simple Steps

January 20, 2012  by: S. Chowdhury  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.75   Views: 1289

It is very important in life that you feel good about yourself so that the positive vibes generated by your thoughts convert into actions and assist you in having a meaningful, constructive and fulfilled life. So just follow five simple steps mentioned in this article that will help you feel really good about yourself in the long-run.


Have you realized how important it is for you to feel good about yourself? If you don't feel good about yourself it is very much likely that you won't feel good about others either. Have you ever pondered over the fact that if you don't feel good about yourself then you won't feel good about your job or studies as well and everything else that is paramount to your life and career?

If you don't feel good about yourself then you start on a negative note itself and from then on your life will only follow the wrong paths and choices making your life much more miserable than you probably could imagine. Hence you need to feel good about yourself to start with so that not only you make better choices in life but also so that you can live life happily and to the fullest extent.

Following are few simple but very effective steps that you can put to practice in your daily life and general thought process. Those will eventually alter your overall approach towards yourself and make you feel good about yourself in the long-run. Here they are:

(1) Learn to love and accept yourself

Learn to love and accept yourself even if you don't like your body shape or facial features. Think of those people who are deprived of what you have got, a healthy body and a sound mind. I am not saying that you have to be a narcissist, just don't get irked by your reflection or image, as you don't like it. Remember one very important thing, those who really love you and care about you do so because of who you are and not how you look. So feel good about the fact that you are loved!

Love and accept yourself and feel good about it

(2) Staying Positive is the key

Staying positive is very important not only to make you feel good but for the general betterment and well-being of your life. So always think about positive thoughts and meet positive thinking people. Try to avoid people who always see the negative side of everything. Even if you face such huge challenges in life that doesn't have any apparent trait of positivity, think long and hard and find out at least one positive point out of such stressful events (it's not that hard if you think clearly) and continue to focus on it until your negative emotions recede slowly. This kind of constructive approach will make a whole lot of difference in your life.

(3) Don't compare yourself with others

Don't compare yourself with others and feel depressed when you find they are much better placed in life than you. It is probably the bane of feeling bad about yourself. Just be happy with what you are doing presently and enjoy your achievements and moments of success, no matter how trivial they are. Think of ways to excel in areas of your strength, not to compete with others but to compete with your own desires and ambitions in life. Don't put excessive pressure on yourself with that, but do keep yourself egging on over it.

(4) Boost up your self-esteem

If you have a low self-esteem then no matter how hard you try you won't feel good about yourself. Self-esteem is about how you view yourself and even if the whole world puts you down, the day you put down yourself, it's doomsday for you. So to give your self-esteem a much-needed boost by focusing on those family or friendly relationships that make you feel loved and respected. Always feel yourself worthy and know that you are loved, as you are worthy. Just ignore those who try to put you down every time, if you concentrate on achieving something in life and attain it ultimately, then these very critics of you would start admiring you. So you must make your inner-self know your worth.

(5) Do good to others

Do you feel happy when you make other people happy? You are bound to be, as we are made that way. So if you want to feel good about yourself then you have to do good to others, it is that simple. Many people think that it requires a humongous effort to do good to other people but in reality you can make a real difference with small but very much effective positive actions. For example, if you spare sometime everyday to visit somebody who is not keeping well lately then it'll give him or her the necessary psychological support that would benefit the healing process. Once you start enjoying the returns of your acts of benevolence with a contended soul then you'd even find the impetus to reach out further and also be happy that you decided to move beyond your own confines of self-satisfaction and reach out to people in need.

Write down the above-mentioned steps on a piece of paper and paste it on the wall of your bedroom so that you never lose focus of what you need to do to really feel good about yourself.

Author: rekhas        
Posted Date: 01/24/2012    Points:1    

Interesting and very motivating! Staying positive, feeling good and helping others are a good way to feel good and gain more self-confidence.
Author: Mathi        
Posted Date: 02/03/2012        

excellent points ji..
Author: Sarika        
Posted Date: 04/30/2012    Points:4    

A very nice and motivating article. It is very important to love and appreciate yourself. Never let anyone tell you that you are not good or worthless. Everyone of us is unique and has a purpose. Stay positive and optimistic always. If good times do not stay long then bad will go away too.

Apart from above mentioned qualities I think to feel good about yourself you should have a good and pure heart, ability to forgive, good intentions for everyone, clean conscience, no guilt and readiness to help others in time of their need.

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