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A brief analysis on the need of rain water harvesting in India.

January 21, 2012  by: AJAY  Points: 12   Category: Environment  Earning $0.65   Views: 1468

In this article, I have explained about a brief analysis on the need of rain water harvesting in India. I have also mentioned about the scarcity of water, rain water recharges underground water, rain water harvesting, rain water harvesting in India. Moreover, I have also given my conclusion on the topic of the article.


Due to over population and lack of proper water management programs, the amount of potable water in our universe is decreasing abruptly. Like any other environment related problem, this problem also needs immediate attention. Among all the problems that the United Nation Environment Organization (UNEO) is dealing with, this program too is in its priority list. About 97.5 percent of water is salty by nature among the total amount of water on our planet earth. A good portion of the remaining available water is in the form of ice masses. The fact is that the available usable water to the humans is around 0.75 percent. It is used for drinking and irrigation purposes mostly.

Scarcity of water

At present, about one-third of the people of the earth is facing water crises. Together with this, there is scarcity of water for irrigation also. Moreover, a portion of people of people on different regions of the earth depend upon underground water or aquifer. Besides, due to regular development projects of cities and industries a huge amount of water is utilized and thus the underground water is decreasing at a regular pace. As a result of such activities, some of the regions of the earth are turning into barren lands. The irrigation system is also getting disturbed to a great extent. One good example of this is the south Indian state of Karnataka. At present after Rajasthan, Karnataka is the state that is facing water scarcity. According to the statistics of NASA's Gravity Recovery And Climate Experiment Program (GRACE) it is revealed that in the states of Rajasthan, Punjab and Haryana the level of underground water is decreasing at a very abrupt rate of one meter in every three years. This is really a very scaring statistics.

Rain water recharges underground water

The aquifer or underground water gets recharged only when rain water seeps underground and gets accumulated there. The decrease level of water takes some months and even years to get back to the normal margin. Unfortunately, in most of the regions of the earth like in the European and American countries the level of underground water is decreasing very fast. Hence, we find the scarcity of usable water globally.

Rain water harvesting

Since rain water is pure, germ free and easily available therefore our whole focus should be in rain water harvesting programs. Even on those regions of the earth where underground water is impure or salty, rainwater is made to reach underground in the pursuit of getting pure and clean potable water.

Let us go through a survey on how much water could be conserved in our country, India. The annual rainfall in India is around 780 mm and 70 percent of this annual rainfall, that is, around 550 mm could be conserved. Hence, in an area of around 100 square meters in 100 days 55 cubic meter of water could be conserved.

Rain water harvesting in India

In our country, India, water conservation is made compulsory in the states of Delhi, Chennai and Bangalore. Water conservation is also done in Ahmadabad, Hyderabad, Kanpur, Mumbai, Kerela, Gujarat, West Bengal etc. There is a huge scarcity of water in the hub city of IT in Bangalore. Here potable water is collected from 500 m underground. Therefore, in 2009, the Karnataka government has made it compulsory for new built houses to follow the guidelines of rain water conservation.

At present, India, has been able to successfully implement the policy and mechanism of rain water harvesting among it's seventeen states. With the reserved water, around three lakhs students are benefited in the rural schools. The rate at which the underground level of water is decreasing in India has made India to collaborate with Central Ground Water Board (CGWB) to learn the art and techniques of rain water harvesting. Moreover, rain water harvest techniques are also followed by Germany, Japan, United States etc.


Considering the facts about global warming effects, it is very hard to guess how much the rivers carrying down waters from the mountains will be able to suffice the need of potable water. Therefore, it is time for us to be extra cautious regarding conservation of water and its proper usage. Since rainwater is a hydrological cycle why should we depend on other sources like ponds, rivers etc. But each and every one of us need to be careful about the proper conservation and usage of water to reap better results in future.


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