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Motivation in 10 Easy Steps

January 21, 2012  by: Paulose  Points: 20   Category: Others    Views: 1066

Motivation is very essential for the success in ones life. It can be achieved by steady practice.Ten easy steps are described in this essy.


Everyone wants to go forward. Everyone is dreaming success in his life. Everyone is working hard to achieve something. But is it like catching the wind? Is it possible to reach? Motivation brings before you the most motivated, determined people, past and present, their sense of purpose, their trials and tribulations and at the end of course their success stories!


Motivation is the first step of any successful life. It was a motivation that led Alexander the Great through the deserts of Afghanistan and enabled him to cross the mighty Indus river. It was his motivation that showed the sea route to Columbus to sail through the gigantic waves of the Atlantic ocean to discover a new world. It was his motivation that encouraged the great scientist Thomas Alva Edison at every step. Motivation is an important step possible for all to reach success. Here are ten easy steps to ascent to success in life.



Hang the goal you want to achieve and say to yourself as often as possible that you are going to achieve it. The repetition of the statements for your success hammering at your mind, more and more will become the way you want to proceed. The goal will become recorded in your memory changing your attitudes and beliefs for a positive endeavor.


Always have your goal in front of you in a visible picture. Have the pictures of whatever you want to have in your life, even the materials of luxury. Enjoy the visual picture in front of you with a hopeful smile.


You are a valuable person of extraordinary qualities. Each and every person on the earth is the most valuable. There can be no equivalence to that person. Who you are is more valuable than what you do. Your worth as a person is not based on your intelligence, your grades and how hard you work. It is enough to be you. Respect and satisfy yourself and at the same time respect others also.


You can practice impulse control by imagining the consequences of your actions. Imagine how you will afterwards. Then only you can act in the right way so that you will be satisfied with yourself and will not blame yourself afterwards.


Prepare a blue print of every step that you want to take. Write out a plan for yourself. Jot down your personal and academic goals and priorities. Read them and reread them as often as possible, especially when you are in a slump. Don't worry and waste time thinking about things that go wrong. Concentrate on your success. Remember that little successes build up just as quickly as little failures.


Building upon the mistakes and restructuring is very important in life. Give yourself time to change. Forgive yourself for backsliding and making mistakes. Don't be a perfectionist. Make approaching your goals the basis of your self-respect rather than reaching your goals.


Never allow your feelings of inadequacy to get you down. Think about all the things you do have positively. If you are feeling hopeless or worthless , imagine the worst that could happen and simply laugh at them. Do this to put yourself and your current situation in perspective. When you are down, go to someone whom you know cares for you and encourages you. Remind yourself of your good qualities and talents.


Be aware that life is filled with failures. Be willing to risk failures for something yoy really care about. Be willing to risk successes also. If you are afraid of something without any reason analyze it and the fear will be off. Don't be baffled at failures; rather , get up keep going, and you will not believe in failure any longer


Open your eyes to look at things positively and recognize in their correct perspectives. Analyze them and redirect them to your satisfaction. Recognize that failure can become success. Learning what doesn't work is on the same path as learning what does work. Thais attitude will help you to take up responsibilities.


Always try to equip yourself with means to achieve your motive. Reading inspirational books and literature will help you improve your attitude and equip your mind. Success stories and experiences of others have been encouraging stepping stones to millions in the pages of history.


You are the maker of your own fate. Knowledge is your power. These ten steps will give you a clear understanding of how and where to start in your success life. They can empower you and can provide the extra drive needed to hit the mark you are aiming at and follow.

Author: Sarika        
Posted Date: 04/26/2012    Points:1    

Thanks for such wonderful tips. The article was really helpful.

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