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January 26, 2012  by: anil gupta  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.20   Views: 776

When we select cooking oil we will consider only health. More over cooking oil manufacture also only talk about the effect on health of their cooking. No one told us about the property of cooking oils. Indeed all cooking oil is not suitable for any dishes


When we select cooking oil we will consider only health. More over cooking oil manufacture also only talk about the effect on health of their cooking. No one told us about the property of cooking oils. Indeed all cooking oil is not suitable for any dishes. Let us know which is best for cooking a specific food.

1. Coconut oil
It has lot off nutrition's. But its odor and test is not good for all dishes. It is suitable for South Indian dishes but not for bread Pakora or any other North Indian dishes.
(a) It has much kind of fatty acids and is natural up to 92%. It is not suitable for salads.
(b) We can fry and deep fry in coconut oil.it can tolerate temperature up to 200 degree Celsius. We can use it more than one time. It remains fresh for two years. It has not any bed chestrol.
2. Mustred seed or Rapeseed oil
We can use it for cooking all vegetables. It is more suitable for fish dishes. But it is not suitable for dressing of salads. Some facts of Rapeseed oil
(a) It can cook dishes up to 150° centigrade. We can use it after blending with other cooking oils.
(b) It has omega 3 fatty acids. Other cooking oil have not this, so it good one to reduce bed chestrol level.
3.Olive Oil
Its odor and test is not suitable for Indian dishes. But we can use it for dressing of salads. These are some facts of Olive oil.
(a) It smoking point is 150° centigrade. So it starts burning above this temperature. It is not good for deep fry. Its test remains good in winter. So we can use it for backing, salad dressing and souse for dipping in winter
(b) It has monosaturated and poly satuarated fats. It also has anti-oxidant. It is good for health.
4. Soya been oil
More over labeled vegetable oils are soya been oil. It is not good for dishes which required high temperature to cook. Some facts of Soya been oil
(a) It is suitable for Indian dishes. Its smoking point is 160° centigrade.
(b) It has vitamin E and poly-unsaturated fats. It low down bad chestrol level and increase good chestrol level
5. Ground nut oil
Ground nut oil is used in North and West India. Dishes cook in it have not flavor of oil. So we can cook different dishes in same oil. Some facts of Ground nut oil
(a) Its smoking point is 210° centigrade. It is best one for deep fry. It keeps food Krispy form outside and soft from inner side.
(b) It contains Vitamin E and anti-oxidant as well.
6. Sunflower oil
Sunflower is lightest oil which contains more vitamin E than other cooking oils. Sunflower oil's taste is light and it is good in frying. It is good in heart problem as well.
(a) Sunflower oil has monounsaturated and polysaturated fats with low saturated fat levels.
(b) Its smoking point is 230°C, so it is good one for deep frying.

Author: ushakiran        
Posted Date: 02/21/2012    Points:3    

Good article anil! Nowadays many people go all out to promote Olive oil which is very expensive in Indian markets since it has to come from either Italy,Spain or Israel...However,we have a cheaper option in Sunflower oil which is almost as good and plentifully available here in India and much cheaper,
I feel that the best thing to do would be to cut down on fried stuff and use less oil in all the dishes..
Author: anil gupta        
Posted Date: 02/21/2012    Points:2    

Yes olive oil is much expensive and it is not suitable for Indian dishes. Sunflower oil is also costly one in comparesion to other edible oils. It is good for health to use less oil in all dishes, but we Indian like more oil is dishes. It is our eating habit.

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