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Impact of television and video games on youngsters.

January 28, 2012  by: AJAY  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.40   Views: 606

In this article, I have explained the impact of television and video games on youngsters, violent nature of children, relation of television with child behavior, affect of television on education and how to keep things under control. Moreover, I have also added my personal conclusion about the problem.


You want to give your child every possible help so that he/she grows up into a complete person tomorrow. But while raising your child you go through a very challenging process. At times, you have to be a bit strict with him/her to make things work out while at other times things seem to run smoothly between the two of you. Being a parent, different types of questions surfaces in your mind about what you would allow your child to do and what not to. One very common problem that I often hear from parents is that how to prevent children from watching too much of television? Other questions that I hear from them just moves around the previous question likes how does watching television for long hours going to affect him/her?, Will not my child be influenced and affected by watching the violence and vulgarity on the television?

Violent nature of children

In a recent survey, it has been found out that some children are violent in nature. Teachers might complain about them being very talkative or pushing their colleagues in class. They do not complete their assignments in time. Even at home they never seem to be quiet and always get involved in activities like running, jumping or speaking at the top of their voice. The survey result reveals the fact that these violent children spend more time in watching television or playing violent games in the computer. Even if they sit for drawing they would love to draw drawings of guns and fighting scenes etc. Now to get your child out from this habit, you do not need medicines. What you can do is that you can replace the violent games that your child plays with other games. You should try to keep him/her away from playing or watching any violent games or program. You need to follow simple and proper parent management training techniques with you child. It has been done in the past by some parents and within two months the results were very positive.

Relation of television with child behavior

According to neurologists, playing violent games on computers or watching violence related programs on television affects the mind of your youngsters very badly. The visuals effects the pleasure center in the brains of your child. Whatever they see they try to imitate the same in real life also. Their reflexes also get very rapid and spontaneous. Hence, they try to do or complete things at haste which brings in a lot of problems in their lives.

Affect of television on education

Your child only gets attracted to things that have activities. He/she does not find books and pages interesting to read as he/she gets accustomed to sound, noise, music and color of television. As a result, studies suffers to a great extent. He/she avoid paying attention either in studies or in other relevant things that matters in his/her life. If you remind him/her about the duties and responsibilities he/she might react very aggressively about it.

Keep things under control

The best thing is to [B]keep your child under control[/b]. Do not allow your child to watch television or play video games for long hours. If required, you need to limit yourself by watching television for sometime only. Make a time table and make your child realizes that television is viewed for some time only and at a particular hour of the day. In case of video games you can explain him that these games are played during the week end when the school is off. You may also allow him/her to play video games occasionally if he/she brings good marks in tests in a way to reward him/her for the good effort.


To start with both you and your child might come across problems and uneasiness. But if you follow it on a regular basis it will do your child a lot of good. You need to keep in mind that whatever you are doing it is best for your children and it would help him to grow up into a complete individual. The best thing will be that within a few months you will notice the change in the behavior and characteristics of your children. Finally, it will also improve his/her academic scores and results sheets too.


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