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How proper intake of food with regular balanced diet helps in maintaining a healthy life?

January 28, 2012  by: AJAY  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.60   Views: 904

In this article, I have explained how proper intake of food with regular balanced diet helps you to maintain a healthy life style. I have also explained the reason for malnutrition, diseases related with improper food habits, myths about fitness among youth and what you need to understand about balanced diet. Moreover, I have also added my personal conclusion about the importance of balance diet.


There is beyond an iota of doubt that this world of ours has gone through sincere developments in every field. We also developed a lot in terms of the consumption of different types of dishes in our day to day lives. But the nail biting fact is that around 70 crores of people around the world including men, women and children are still going through the pain of hunger. These unfortunate men, women and children only want two pieces of bread and salt to calm their hunger. Having two times of regular meals of the day is still a challenging activity for many families.

If we take a keen look around us, we will find that programs like green revolution, five year plans are being formulated to increase the production of food resources. In contrast to this, we also find sacks of wheat being drowned in the oceans to bring in scarcity of food and thereby steadying up the process of trade and commerce.

To bring in a change from this unacceptable processes the national government has organized the food and agriculture institutes and celebrating the world foods day. Discussions are going on world summits to improve the health conditions of men, women and children through removing the scarcity of food and bringing in the policy of consumption of protein diets. But, now it is very hard to forecast how much effective these steps would prove in the future.

Reason for malnutrition

Now the question is why malnutrition has become such a big problem? Let me tell you that only scarcity of food or non-availability of food does not causes malnutrition. The world wide researches about this only proved the fact that malnutrition is also found among those who regularly consumes the full stomach. Lack of vitamin B one and thymine diseases surfaces among them. Those who avoid cereals and pulses in their diets are found to be deficient in vitamin C. Lack of iron causes diseases like anemia, goiter, electrophoresis etc. These conditions basically rise because of the lack of knowledge of proper food diets, proper food charts and proper supplements of protein food diets.

Diseases related with improper food habits

Improper food habits also cause the dangerous problem of obesity which is affecting the present generation at a large scale. Together with obesity, blood sugar and high blood pressure are also found to be deteriorating the life of the people. Obesity is affecting people globally and it has spread like a viral problem among the common people. People get affected with it due to improper food habits. In India alone around 20 to 40 percent of people are affected with obesity. In European countries the percentage varies around 40 to 60 and in South Africa 40 to 60. The wide spread of diseases like maturity onset diabetes, high blood pressure and some cancers are because of obesity.

Myths about fitness among youth

In the youths of today, fashion consciousness has reserved such a place in their hearts that they somehow forget to differentiate between body fitness and beauty fitness. They believe that if they go without food for half of the day they can cut their body fats. But scientifically, this belief has no firm base. Scientifically, the two cells, the nerve cells and blood cells cannot go without food and these need glucose. To fulfill the need of these two cells adipocyte gets active and supplies the fatty acid. Therefore, to reduce obesity you need to cut down the level of sugar in the foods you consume. You need to consume enough quantity of protein and fiber rich cereals and pulses. Again, if you stay starved for long hours you might be affected with gall stone disease.

What you need to understand about balanced diet?

You need to realize that rice, wheat and cereals give strength and different types of pulses provide us vitamins and minerals. The fibres in this food help in proper digestion. Together with this fish, meat, milk and egg help in the development of muscles and supply us necessary protein. Moreover, we get regular supply of vitamin A and vitamin D from oily and fatty foods. Every type of food is important for us but their proper intake is what counts most.

A balanced diet supplies all the wholesome nutrients to aid growth, energy and health. Intake of balanced diet differs from person to person. It varies from place to place and from person to person. Our food chart should consist of 50 to 60 percent of carbohydrates, 15 to 40 percent of protein and 25 to 40 percent of fat.


You need to understand the importance of balanced diet to lead a healthy and disease free life. Your regular intake of balanced diet would help you to stay healthy. Besides, you also need to stay away from junk and fatty foods which are not only very difficult to digest but also makes you prone to diseases. You need to remember the famous proverb that goes like this, a healthy mind resides in a healthy body. Take it as a challenge and improve you food charts by regular intake of balanced and protein diets which will help you to stay hale and hearty for a longer time.


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