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Guaranteed Weight Loss Tips to Shed More Pounds and Burn More Calories

January 30, 2012  by: rekhas  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.60   Views: 1010

Looking for guaranteed weight loss tips to shed more pounds and to burn more calories? Look no further, here are some simple and sure shot ways to reach your fitness goals this year. Say goodbye to expensive weight loss plans, diet plans and precooked meals. You can lose weight with simple steps like drinking more water, eliminating fried snacks and maintaining a food diary. Regular exercise and healthy food choices are the only way to burn those calories and to get rid of those love handles.


We all make goals during the year. Some people make resolutions during the beginning of a new year while others make short term goals for each quarter of a year. One goal that is common in almost 90 percent of households is that of weight loss. Out of this, at least 50 percent give up within a few days or a month while a few struggle for some more time.

What we try to say is that it can be intimidating to have a huge weight loss goal in your mind and schedule. However, there is no need to panic. You can reach your goal and lose weight if you keep calm and plan it the right way.

Setting Simple Goals

Your doctor asks you to shed 15-20 pounds in three months; or you have an important event and need to shed a few pounds to fit into a perfect dress; or you want to lose weight and look fit. Whatever be the reason, be realistic with your goals. It is important to be reasonable. Try to set simple goals like working out one hour every day, keep away from junk food, write and maintain a food journal and so on. These will help you keep a record and motivate you to reach the long term goal of losing weight.

Apart from recording your progress, you can also have specific targets. These can be walking, running or working out for additional ten minutes if you consume any high calorie snack or meal on a day.

Determine your Calories in Meals

Weight loss is a simple concept that can be successful if you burn more calories and consume fewer calories. Calorie deficit process is the best way to lose weight fast. You can reduce the calories in your food by making small substitutes like whole grains, whole wheat, skim milk and so on. You can also increase your physical activity every day. Instead of working out only three days a week, make it five or six. Strictly aim to reduce one or two pounds every week. People who have such smart weight loss goals actually see a good weight loss result than those who use fad diets to lose weight quickly. The smart weight loss plan also helps you to lose weight and keep it off for longer period.

Weekly Meal Plans

Take aways from restaurants and fast food places is not a very good meal plan if you want to lose weight fast. On the other hand, if you can plan your meals, diet and shop for groceries in advance, you can skin the last minute cooking stress. When you cook your own food, you can make it healthier by adding less oil, butter and skip the fats and bad carbohydrates. Plenty of websites online contain simple and fat free meal plans for weight watchers and those looking for weight loss diets. You can also cook more and store in the fridge for later use during one or two days of the week.

Food Diary is your Best Friend

Food journals are important. They constantly motivate you to track your weight loss. Also, if you have a food diary or food journal, you will have fewer chances of cheating. You should fill it up after every snack, meal or any food or beverage intake. When you compel yourself to maintain an account of what you eat, you will try to have a better hold on your calorie consumption. These days, you can also maintain food diaries online or on your mobile devices.

Portion Control and Obstacles

We all have heard about portion control several times. Eating open faced sandwiches, eating half a meal and storing the other half for a snack at a later time, sharing food at the restaurant and so on. If you drink more water before and after a meal, you can also feel full longer.

At times, it is normal for face obstructions in your weight loss process. Despite all planning and preparations, you seem to have a sudden craving for carbohydrates or sugary snacks. For such emergencies, always keep your favorite fruits or vitamin drink in your bag or desk. Gift yourself a new pair of shoes that will motivate you to run an extra mile every day.

Hydrate your Body

Water is also your best friend if you want to lose weight fast. Water eliminates toxins and the cravings. Always keep a bottle of water in your car, at your desk and in your bag. Drinking three to four litres of water daily is a great habit if you want to see quick weight loss results. Moreover, as you sweat in the gym, drinking water helps you overcome the fatigue.

Finally, keep a fixed schedule of exercise every day. Set aside some time to workout and burn calories. It can be any time of the day or evening. Rewarding yourself for the achievements also goes a long way. If you reach the weekly goal of shedding two pounds or a little more, brag on your social network. You can gift yourself a new pair of footwear or a nice fitting dress.


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