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What is an ovarian cyst?

January 31, 2012  by: AJAY  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.75   Views: 465

This article gives complete information on what is an ovarian cyst and what are the causes an types of ovarian cysts. You will also get details about symptom of ovarian cyst, treatment of ovarian cyst, facts on ovarian cyst etc.


Ovarian cyst is a major problem found among women. But before you understand ovary cyst, you need to have some idea about what an ovary is.

What is an ovary?

An ovary is a walnut shaped reproductive organ in female that helps in the production of ovum. Besides, it also secrets ovum and hormones. It is related with the menstrual cycle of women. It is found on each side of the uterus. The cysts inside the ovary collects the fluids from the ovary. When the fluids fail to get discharged it forms an ovarian cyst .

Causes of ovarian cyst

Cyst can originate within the body because of wear and tear or due to infections and tumor. The blockages in the flow of liquids in the body can also cause cyst. It can also arise because of genetic conditions.

Types of ovarian cyst

Ovarian cysts are of many types. The cyst that accumulates watery substances from the ovary is called serous cyst or simple cyst. Besides the cyst that collects old blood from the ovary is called is called chocolate cyst . During monthly cycle period, some amount of the discharged blood gets collected and over time it forms chocolate cyst. This problem is found to be among those who women who marry at a very later stage of their lives or sometimes because of prolonging their pregnancy.

*If pilonidal cyst is not diagnosed in time then it might cause cancer,

*Every month the ovary creates two small cyst of around two cm. This is quite normal. This is known as ovulating cyst or physiological cyst.

*Sometimes, after the periods, some fresh blood gets accumulated in the cyst. This is known as Corpus Luteum cyst or physiological cyst.

Since the two of the above-mentioned cyst does not give rise to any of the health problems, therefore, there is no treatment for this.

Symptoms of ovarian cyst

The symptoms of ovarian cysts varies according to the type of the cysts. However, some common symptoms are as stated below:

*lumps or humps in the skin,

*severe pain during menstrual flow,

*problems related with menstrual flow,

*delayed pregnancy as in chocolate cyst,

Treatment of ovarian cyst

Treatment of ovarian cyst depends on the type of cyst and its location. Sometimes, the cysts are so big that a surgery is required to be done while in other cases a needle is inserted into the cyst pit to remove the unwanted fluid or collapse the cyst.

*With the help of ultrasonography, now-a-days, cyst can be detected. On contrary to this, some cysts are only detected only through laparoscopy.

*Chocolate cysts and serous cysts can be operated only through leparoscopy.

*Some cysts are related with cancer, therefore, abdominal operations are done by doctors. *This abdominal operation is known as laparoscopy.

*Endometriotic cysts are related with problems in the menstrual flow. Menstrual flow could be brought back to normalcy only through proper treatment

*Chocolate cyst prevents one from pregnancy. With the development of modern technology, chocolate cyst could be cured through operations or proper medicines.

*If some cysts get abnormally developed, then it affects pregnancy. This can be cured with proper and timely medications.

Some facts about ovarian cyst

Those who are above 40 years of age do not have any chance to get affected with cancer by ovarian cyst. Ovary cyst might occur at any age. There are around hundred types of cysts and they can locate in any part of the body. Cysts that occur on internal organs like kidneys and livers are not noticed externally and may not have any symptoms.

Prevention of ovarian cyst

It would be a good idea to go for regular checkups. It is also recommended not to take too much medications after pregnancy. It is also advisable not to do frequent abortions.


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