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hindu muslim unity

February 02, 2012  by: rai  Points: 25   Category: Others    Views: 779

This story is about humanity. This story is about one's meaningful being on this earth, today all have become materialistic, self centered about themselves, their cast and their religion. You may have heard this story but I wanted many many people to read this story and get a message through it. This story if for them who have not heard or read about this before.


This story is about humanity. This story is about one's meaningful being on this earth, today all have become materialistic, self centered about themselves, their cast and their religion. You may have heard this story but I wanted many many people to read this story and get a message through it. This story if for them who have not heard or read about this before.

This is a story about a Hindu father-Shankar and a Muslim Son-Raffiq.

Shankar a Hindu man who had a small, petty tea stall knew that his honest work is his devotion to his God. And Mushtaqbhai,anwarbhai,raju,sureshbahi all his customers are God's children, there was no difference in their religion for Shankar. He used to welcome with-"assalam" to Anwarbhai and "Ramji-ki"to sureshbhai.An honest, unmarried around 35-37 yrs old Shankar was known for his good nature amongst all the villagers of Sawanpur.

One morning Shankar was busy preparing snacks and tea for his customers, he heard a child crying loudly, he ignored it and concentrated on his work. Cry was continuous and Shankar couldn't stop himself, he went towards that direction. There was a small park nearby his stall. The voice was coming that way, he entered the park and saw a small 3 year old baby boy is sitting alone and crying loudly for his mother. When Shankar asked what your name is, baby-the small bay replied-Raffiq; Shankar asked where is your mother? The small baby only could speak-Abbu; Ammi.He picked the baby and searched for his parents everywhere. Alas! There was no reply from anywhere. He noticed that baby has a high temperature; still he waited for his parents for a long. When he saw no signs of them he took the baby first to the hospital, doctor knew about bachelor Shankar chaywala, he asked about the baby; Shankar told him about the park incidence. Doctor advised him to take the baby to the police station after the treatment.

Shankar was a poor man to afford the treatment as doctor told baby is suffering with jaundice and treatment is very urgent otherwise it could be life threatening for the baby. Doctor advised him first to go to police with baby; Shankar denied it as at this stage treatment was important for the baby. Though he could not afford the treatment, he brought his life long's small saving for the treatment and finally the treatment got started. Meanwhile he went to police and narrated the whole incidence. Police could understand Shankar's help and worry towards the baby was just as humanity, there was no selfish reason behind this. They praised his humble work and started their work of searching baby's parents. Published a photo in newspaper, did all possible things to search his parents. No positive response was coming from anywhere; police could not see any improvement in the investigation.

Here baby was improving day by day. As doctor examined the baby he said-he is a Muslim baby. Police advised Shankar to handover this baby to Orphanage [child care home] but according to Shankar, Raffiq was too small to send to any orphanage. They told him that you are a Hindu man and Raffiq is a Muslim baby. There is a lot of cultural difference between two and tomorrow God knows but there might be any problem for you because of this baby. But Shankar could only see Raffiq's innocent smile, his innocent eyes and his tight hug which nobody could separate. Shankar decided to face everything for Raffiq's innocent smile and his love; he decided to take care of him until he meets his parents. Day by day the bond between two grew stronger and stronger, Raffiq got a loving father and Shankar's empty life is filled with his son's-Raffiq's love and care.

Shankar didn't want Raffiq to lose his identity, he did not change Raffiq's name, and his religion as he knew religion will never come in between son and father's love. He took Raffiq to mosque everyday where Raffiq got knowledge of his religion. Simultaneously with his school studies Raffiq was getting education of his religion in mosque. Shankar's and Raffiq's Hindu-Muslim father-son's story and their love for each other was an example of humanity in Sawanpur village. All were admiring their love and same time they were worried about this relation as in future the wall of religion if separates the two, how would they live?

Today Raffiq is in class 9th, 16 years old young boy, for whom his abbu and ammi was his loving, capable father Shankar. But after 13 years that dark day came. One news reporter from other nearby city came to Shankar's tea-stall with her local friend.Raffiq was with Shankar and was about to leave for his school. A local man told his reporter friend, do you know about this unusal, unique hindu-muslim father-son story of our village? She developed an interest in this unique story and out of her interest Shankar's help she made a documentary report on this story .Shankar had given Raffiq's photograph which was taken when he was 3 yrs old .This was telecasted in all channels as it was a true story and really was very different in today's life.

To our surprise, one Muslim mother's heart broke who was watching this report on t v channel in another city; she started crying happily that it's her son Raffiq whom they lost 13 years back. They had his photographs, his birth-certificate and enough proofs to prove that Raffiq is their son. This kazi family started to Sawanpur village from where the report had come, they went to police and asked about Raffiq.The Inspector Ansari knew the case as 13 years back he himself had handled Raffiq and Shankar's case. He asked why didn't you report the case of missing child anywhere. What is the proof that he is your son and so many questions?

Raffiq's father told the story that they got shifted to city 10 years back as where they were staying before was a place near to this village. One night Raffiq's father took Raffiq with himself so that Raffiq's mother can finish her work and can look after the younger one. But unfortunately he took him to wine shop as wanted to have a drink. Small Raffiq was sitting next to him eating peanuts, when he saw a small puppy outside,Raffiq's father was drunk and was not aware of self also forgot totally that he had brought raffiq with him to the wine shop. Here Raffiq went and went behind the puppy and lost the way back to his father.Raffiq's father came home when he was almost unconscious due to overdrink,couldn't balance himself, couldn't answer his wife about raffiq,couldn't here her cry for her son and was totally unaware of his irresponsibility. Here Raffiq was following one unknown family as he saw one lady with her three kids. He went behind them. Small raffiq got in a local vehicle with them. No one noticed him as it was night and everyone thought that he may be a child of this or that family as Raffiq was quite wasn't crying and all. He came next morning to this sawanpur village with other passengers.Raffiq was walking behind that family who noticed him but didn't think that he is alone as many families were walking behind them.Raffiq was looking here and there and when he saw front that family whom he was following were taking an auto and before he could run they left him and went away. Sad raffiq saw a park there and entered to the park and slept on a bench. When he got up he saw ammi-abbu is nit with him, he was hungry, too and he started crying which Shankar had heard.

Here next day when Shankar's father realized that he did a big mistake, it was too late. They searched and searched for their son but in vain. They didn't go to police station as it was his fault and the blame will come on him. They looked for Raffiq at their all possible ways and finally lost all the hopes. Two years they were searching him and finally left that village and went to city to settle down.

Raffiq's father told everything what had happened and accepted that it was their fault that they didn't report in the police station about their missing son.
Here Shankar and Raffiq got a notice about it and they presented themselves in the police station.Raffiq was totally shattered seeing new faces as his parents. Shankar was preparing his mind as he knew that Raffiq is not his son, he was prepared for this black day. After DNA reports and all it was finally medically proven that Raffia was a son of Kazi couple. But Raffiq was totally against anybody else than Shankar as his parents. Shankar also did not want Raffiq to go away from him. When the issue was not solving easily as raffiq was not ready to come to them, they blamed Shankar that he is turning Raffiq's mind and they filed a case against Shankar in the court.

Court noticed that Raffiq himself doesn't want to leave his father Shankar. Court studied that Shankar is taking good care of his son, satisfying all his financial, educational and emotional needs as one responsible father should do. And Mr. Kazi had failed once in proving himself as an irresponsible father as he had lost Raffiq due to his drinking habit. Blames on Shankar about being selfish and doubts about the future whether he can take same care of Raffiq after his marriage, will Shankar's wife will accept a Muslim boy as her son? Such questions from the opposite lawyer weakened Shankar's case. But as if Shankar's god and rafiq's Allah also didn't want both of them to separate. One man appeared in the court whose name was saleembhai; he came from Dubai especially for this case. He appeared in the court as Shankar's brother and told something after hearing which all were numb, throats choked and eyes filled with tears.

Saleem's father one day came home with a 6 yrs old boy with him, the boy was an orphan whom he met in the market, impressed with his honesty and humble nature didn't feel like leaving him to work hard in that market he brought him home. The boy told his name as Shankar-Hindu name.Saleem's mother was not ready to accept him, especially as he was Hindu and saleem's father told her to cook separately for him, he didn't want to change his religion, his identity, his name and he was successful in doing so.Saleem's mother got convinced with it and humble Shankar's love made her to forget about religion differences.Saleem and Shankar lived as real brothers, Shankar loved them as his own parents.Saleem's father divided his property equally for Saleem and Shankar. But Shankar was happy with the love the family had showered on him. He did not accept it and offered his share to Saleem and decided to work in his tea stall which his abbu had given to him.Afther the death of their parents Saleem went Dubai for business and Shankar continued with his tea stall happily.

This our Shankar is the same boy whom Saleem's abbu and ammi gave a shelter, a family, love which he is returning to Raffiq being his abbu and ammi so there is no question of future neglecting Raffia as his son in future.Young Raffiq was undoubtatedly happy to live with his abbu-shankar and he was very firm about not going with his real parents who were totally unknown to him. Today Shankar's love won.Raffiq's parents are still trying to get their son back,they have appealed in supreme court for it.

Just giving birth to a child will not make anyone parent, how you bring them up, how you love them will decide how firm the bonding between you and your child is! Legally you can be his or her parent, you will have that hierarchy but you cannot force the child to love, care or live attached with you. So don't think that your children are your property, As someone said,they are not yours,they are through you to this world, they are independent, your rights will not tie them with you but your true love without any expectation will make you an indivisible part of your children as Shankar and Raffiq.


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