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How fluorescent lamps could reduce environmental pollution?

February 02, 2012  by: AJAY  Points: 12   Category: Environment  Earning $0.70   Views: 928

This article gives complete information on how fluorescent lamps could reduce environmental pollution. You will also get details about the construction of fluorescent lamps, advantages of fluorescent lamps and disadvantages of fluorescent lamps.


According to a survey, the total consumption of electricity in India for domestic lighting purpose is around 18 percent. In contrast to this, the other developed countries of the world consumes around nine percent for domestic light purpose. Hence, in our country India, there is a need to conserve the electricity for the future. In our day to day life the lights we use for consumption is compact fluorescent lamp (CFL).

Construction of fluorescent lamps

The fluorescent lamp tube is made up of a four cm bass and a sealed glass tube which stretches around two to four feet. The inside of the sealed glass tube is coated with the phosphor powder. After taking out air from the glass tube, small amount of argon, nitrogen gas and mercury are filled in the tube. Then both sides of the glass tube is closed. Two electrodes are on each side of the tube, which are wired to an electrical circuit. To make the light functional, the starter is switched on to warm the filament situated at both ends of the tube. The argon and nitrogen gas inside activate the light. Some of the charged electrons collides with the gaseous mercury atoms and thus release light energy. To get lights of different colors from the tubes, the inside of the tube is coated with different colored chemical compounds. To get the color pink, calcium boret is used and to get green color zinc silicate is used.

Advantages of fluorescent lamps

Very little light is emitted from the fluorescent bulb and therefore it creates very less shadow. It is neither very dazzling to the eyes nor very harmful to the eyes. The light is very much the natural light of the day time but very soothing to the eyes. It lasts about 25 times more than the incandescent lamps and can also produce five times more light. Besides, it produces more light and consumes less power. It prevents the wastage of electricity and also prevents emissions of excess mercury from the electricity power plants. Even though, mercury is used in the manufacture of fluorescent lamps but comparatively it expels less amount of mercury than the incandescent lamps.

Disadvantages of fluorescent lamps

There are a number of disadvantages of fluorescent lamps which is a matter of concern. The environment gets polluted by the discharge of carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxide etc from the electricity manufacturing power plants. According to Bureau of Energy Efficiency, due to the usage of around 400 millions PCFL lamps, the environment is polluted 24 million tons of carbon dioxide emitted from the electrical power manufacturing plants.

It is important to mention here, that mercury has a very harmful affect on the environment and its living habitats. The thrown away fluorescent lamps in the garbage can even contaminate the soil and water to a great extent. Even the electric manufacturing power plants are emitting mercury to such an extent that it is polluting the land and water at a very large scale. The aquatic lives like fishes get affected with this contaminated water. The poisonous mercury gets transmitted into the humans when they consume these fish. This terrible incident that took place in Japan, at Mimata bay, is still fresh in our memory. If a fluorescent light breaks in your home you need to be extra cautious to clean the floor properly to prevent the contamination with harmful products released from the broken bulb.


In conclusion, it can be said that due to the usage of fluorescent lights the level of mercury in the air has been minimized to a great extent. But still a lot is required to be done. The municipal corporations should take proper initiatives to dispose the fused or broken bulbs in Eco-friendly way. The electric manufacturing power stations should also form proper guidelines and systems to reuse the broken bulbs and molasses of the factory. People should understand the level of damage of this lights and should be careful in case of a fuse or broken bulb. Expose to mercury might even cause permanent nerve and kidney damage.

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nice. good points are given. thanks for sharing this topic with EK

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