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How to create a positive first impression

February 03, 2012  by: gaurisood  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.70   Views: 1260

It is always beneficial to create a positive first impression ,whether in social ,work or personal life .Like it or not ,but majority of times we are judged by a person based on the first impression we give and it often becomes very difficult to shake of an initial unfavorable judgment


"First Impression is the Last impression "
Though the saying may not be true all the time (a person may be fortunate enough to get second chances), yet the importance of first impressions cannot be undermined .It is always beneficial to create a positive first impression ,whether in social ,work or personal life .Like it or not ,but majority of times we are judged by a person based on the first impression we give and it often becomes very difficult to shake of an initial unfavorable judgment .

So what are the factors that are involved in creation of a first impression? And how do we ensure that it is favorable? The following article discusses these aspects related to first impressions.

1) General appearance
A person need not be exceptionally good looking or wear expensive branded clothes to create a good impression with his appearance .In general , one should have a neat and smart appearance and care to dress according to the situation .This includes some basics like wearing well ironed clothes ,combing the hair and shaving to give a neater look ,using a deodorant or anti perspirent during summers etc .Some basic accessories like a handkerchief ,a smart wallet or handbag and well fitting shoes should complete the look .
A good physical appearance is especially very essential in situations like a job interview ,important social events and at the work place .People are naturally attracted more towards people having favorable appearance than those who have a shabby ,inappropriate one .

2)Oral communication skills
Soft skills and good communication skills are extremely important to create a strong and positive first impression .Many people are hardworking and sincere , but lose out due to poor communication skills .A conscious effort should be made to improve and to develop
One's communication skills as much as possible .People having good communication skills are able to express themselves more confidently , network better and create a more lasting impression in the minds' of other people . They are seen as having better ,well rounded personalities .

3) Written communication skills
Almost as important as oral skills are the written communication skills of people.
Bad grammar, careless documentation and glaring spelling mistakes are some of the common weaknesses of many people for which they often pay a very high price .For example ,a badly written resume or cover letter during a job application can dampen the chances of a candidate getting short listed . Many people tend to use a lot of flowery language and fancy expressions , instead of being crisp and to the point .

4) Good Manners and etiquettes
One very important aspect of a person's personality is defined by his manners and general etiquette . A person with pleasing manners is most often not forgotten easily .
Good manners include being respectful and mindful of others ,especially elders ,being a good listener and being tolerant of others' opinions and taste . Good etiquette includes skills like proper eating skills ,proper way of greeting people etc .

5)Favorable social skills and confidence
Confidence is often the key to success in life .Being unsure and under confident about your own abilities naturally inspires low confidence in others also. A person having a confident nature usually has better social skills and is able to mix easily with different types of people .Being shy and reserve is often mistaken for arrogance and snobbishness ,especially when people are not on very familiar terms.

6) Positive body language and posture
In some situations a persons' body language speaks more about him than any other skills that he may have acquired . Some typical impressions like a loose handshake ,not meeting the persons' eyes indicates nervousness .A bad posture like slouching in a chair ,yawning in public can indicate laziness .

Keeping all these things in mind ,we can create a good first impression .However ,as important as it is to create a favourable first impression ,it is equally important to be able to retain it .


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