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10 Tips on becoming a smart shopper

February 04, 2012  by: gaurisood  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.60   Views: 1487

Shopping is an activity that most of us today cannot escape .While some people (especially women) are die hard shoppaholics , some see it as a routine task essential for survival .From groceries ,clothes ,gifts ,essential day to day items to consumer goods and electronics ,shopping itself has become an art .Especially in today's times when we have so much choice and accessibility to wide range of attractive, tempting products and deals


Shopping is an activity that most of us today cannot escape .While some people (especially women) are die hard shoppaholics , some see it as a routine task essential for survival .From groceries ,clothes ,gifts ,essential day to day items to consumer goods and electronics ,shopping itself has become an art .Especially in today's times when we have so much choice and accessibility to wide range of attractive, tempting products and deals .

So how can we avoid falling prey to the temptation of splurging and instead become smart and rational shoppers , without compromising on our needs .This article discusses some such tips :

1)Shopping during Sales and discount season
"Make hay while the sun shines !! "
Sales are often a shopper' s best friends .Make use of seasonal sales to avail good discounts especially on clothes ,footwear , homegoods ,books etc . In sales we can often pick up very good quality ,branded products on very reasonable rates and can thus ensure
good amout of savings . Discounts are often accompanied by attractive deals like Buy -1 -Get-1- Free or free gifts beyond a certain amount of purchase .
However ,many sales are also marketing gimmicks by companies to lure costumers into buying more than they require and often to get rid of their substandard and defective products .Be careful while buying during sales and ensure that you are not compromising heavily on quality ,otherwise it will become useless in a very short span of time .

2)Grocery -keep a list to avoid picking up unnecessary random things
While shopping for grocery and other everyday necessities ,we can keep a list of stuff that is needed ,rather than picking up stuff at random .This not only ensures that we have purchased all the stuff needed and don't have to rush to the market again, but also keeps
A check on the finances .If you carry a shopping list ,you'll end up concentrating on the stuff on the list ,rather than getting temped by other ,unnecessary stuff displayed attractively in Supermarkets and MegaStores.

3)Preplan Christmas shopping ,gifts etc
Shopping for gifts for family and friends on special occasions and festivals can be preplanned and done smartly .Instead of depending on last minute purchses ,we can shop for gifts during Sales or when we come across a great buy at reasonable rate .This can help you in preventing last minute hassles as well as large Holiday crowds which dampen the shopping spirit .

4)Discount deals and coupons from reputed sources
Nowadays a number of online deals and discount coupons are available for shopping from reputed companies .Avail them to get attractive discounts on your purchases .In India ,sites like Snapdeal , Khojguru etc offer great discounts in select cities on an array of products .
Online shopping from good web portals is also an option being used by many shoppers today .They usually offer free delivery or delivery at low shipping rates .Books and other products where personal choice is not involved can be bought online t better rates than normal stores .

5)Cheaper substitutes like flea markets ,local craft fairs for home made stuff
Many times we are under the impression that whatever is expensive is better ,but that's not always true .Sometimes cheaper stuff of equal and sometimes superior quality is available .This is especially true during shopping for stuff like accessories ,junk jewellery ,art items for home decoration etc .Often flea markets and craft fairs are a great place to shop for such things .Not only can you drive good bargains but you will also be encouraging local craftsmanship and employment opportunities ,rather than buying the same stuff from a mall .

6)Spend weekends on activities other than a trip to the Mall to resist temptation of impulsive shopping
Many times we end up paying a visit to the Supermarket or Mall out of boredom ,on weekends etc .This increases the chances of falling of a person a victim of impulsive shopping - he/she will end up buying stuff for the sake of it and not out of necessity .
To avoid this , you can plan a creative pursuit or a useful activity like exercise instead in your free time .
Also avoid taking small kids to shopping very often ,as they often become materialistic and demanding seeing all the tempting things around them .

7)Reviews and second opinions
While shopping for electronics and consumer goods , hotel stays etc read online reviews to ensure that your money is not wasted .A lot of genuine users and reviewers post various product reviews and opinions that are sometimes useful before shopping especially if one is a novice in that field .
While shopping for clothes ,furniture etc ,it is sometimes good to carry along a friend with similar tastes and sensibilities to get a second opinion during shopping .This opinion may help you to decide the worthiness of a product if your mind is in confusion .

8)Goal based shopping - reward and motivate yourself
All of us work hard in our daily lives and deserve a treat from time to time .You can motivate and pamper yourself with goal based shopping .It helps in keeping a check on overflow of cash as well as motivates one towards their goal .For example ,instead of buying a brand new pair of Jeans in a bigger size ,motivate yourself to try and fit in a smaller size within 3 months .

9)Get your money's worth
While shopping ,make sure you shop for stuff that is reliable rather than simply going by brand name or style .Since you are the end user ,it should suit your comfort and style .Do not buy unless you are convinced of it's worthiness .

10)Avoid falling prey to Marketing gimmicks
Nowadays ,all companies are involved in aggressive marketing campaigns for selling their products be it on TV or celebrities endorsing products .Many companies use attractive packaging to make the product appealing to children and youngsters . Often the products like food items , cosmetics etc are full of unhealthy stuff .
Try and avoid falling for these gimmicks .Use your own sense as a consumer to make a conscious decision before shopping .

With these tips ,hopefully you can become a more aware and smarter shopper!!

Author: Ankit Neerav        
Posted Date: 03/25/2012    Points:1    

Really great tips, thanks to the author. I think everybody should read these tips for a great shopping experience every time they go out.

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