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Five Methods of Bouncing Back from Tough Situations in Life

February 05, 2012  by: S. Chowdhury  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.70   Views: 775

Tough situations come in the life of everybody and test our mettle. Many don't recover from such situations while only a few come out stronger. I've mentioned five excellent methods that not only will help you to bounce back from a tough situation in life but also would improve the overall quality of your life towards a successful one.


Everybody faces challenges or difficulties in life. There is a not a single soul in this planet who hasn't faced any difficulty or challenge in his or her life. Difficulties can be of various types and its impact varies from person to person. It can be a loss of job, break-up of marriage, failure in studies, health issues, financial problems, bereavement, or something similarly troublesome. While many people get overwhelmed or bitter by such situations and end up taking negative steps or wrong choices in life only a few people come out of such situations much stronger and renewed in strength.

These people not only overcome such troublesome situations and progress much ahead in life; they also inspire others towards the positive path trod by them. They are the winners of life and beacons of hope in a confused and hapless world of scores of suffering people. So what makes them so special that differentiates them from common fallible souls? It is their ability of bouncing back from tough situations and making the adversities of life stepping-stones to success is what that separates them from the rest. But if the methods of bouncing back hold good for them then it must be good enough for others as well. Definitely, the methods of bouncing back are the same for everyone; only the execution is where most miss out.

Tough situations in life can really wear you down

So let's see what are the methods of bouncing back from tough situations. I would discuss five very important methods that would help anybody who can follow it sincerely to not only wriggle out of tough situations but also come out stronger. Here are the five methods of bouncing back in life out of tough situations:

(1) Accept and acknowledge the reality of your situation

This is probably the most difficult part of all. Most people can't accept the situation they find themselves in and the sense of disbelief always gets the better of them and ultimately wears them down. So the first step towards bouncing back has to start with accepting the reality of the situation. There could be various reasons that led you to your current situation. Your wrong choices could be one of them or it can be plain bad luck. Whatever it is it will continue to pull you back as long as you let your current situation do so. Once you decide within yourself that you will not be under the grasp of your current situation and suffer in self-pity you'd lose the hold of negative forces over you. So let yourself free from your current situation by accepting the reality as it is, no matter how hard it may be and open yourself up to a new beginning. It will not be easy and you'd need to remind yourself constantly about acceptance and also motivate yourself for that. After making a real concerted effort for a while you'd see the benefits coming through. You can read inspirational stories of real-life people who accepted massive shocks and setbacks in life and came out stronger later, to motivate yourself for acceptance.

(2) Look at the possibilities of life

When people are negative they tend to think only what they can't do or brood on what they failed to achieve in life. It shuts them down from the heights they could have reached in their life only if they would have believed and approached a desired goal with a positive mindset. When somebody is facing a tough situation in life and is low on confidence, then the negative thoughts seep in and keep reminding them about their shortcomings. So while facing tough times your thought process tends to hover over what you can't do; try to change the focus in thinking rather what you can do. Think about your strong points, areas where you can excel, write those down on a piece of paper and let those thoughts sink in. Now consider what is the best option available for you out of the choices you made. Ask other knowledgeable people for advices if necessary and what you need to do to hone your skills. Visualize yourself as a successful person in your area of command and put in the hard work to make your goal a reality. It will not happen like a magic of one moment; just like accepting the reality here also you'd need to keep your focus on the possibilities till your engine kick-starts. By that time you'd get into the groove of it.

(3) Never lose the learning habit

Life is a never-ending learning process and the day you consider yourself a know-all kind of person, you stop your growth in life. It happens with many people and they fall on the wayside, whereas those who are prepared to learn on a daily basis prosper. So you should never give up the learning process and always be open to new ideas from anybody. You learn from every experience of your life no matter how trivial it may be. So you shouldn't be rigid to stop imbibing the thoughts and introspections out of your real life experiences. Even though we may not like but tough situations in life teach us many things that help us to deal with future challenges of life in a much more mature and bold manner. Those difficult instances make us more humble and increase our ability to think clearly and hence make better choices in life. So we should focus both on our successes and failures in life and not concentrate only on the successes. That way we will be able to discover our shortcomings more vividly and keep working on them to make us better persons in the end. So as I said, life is a learning process and tough situations are little nuggets of it that comprises the journey. Those who are honestly prepared to learn to make themselves better persons will make an effort to learn from almost anything possible. It is like a good habit we need to nurture within ourselves. For that to happen you have to give up your ego and be as humble as possible. You have to be a person who is prepared to listen and think more and say something when it is necessary. Being a big mouth acts as an impediment to your learning process, so you have to be a good listener instead. If you make all of these a habit in your life then you will be able to realize the benefits and positive difference it is making in your life itself and readying you to take on any tough situation in life.

(4) Always keep the Positive mental attitude

There probably isn't a soul in this planet that has attained continued success in life or overcome great challenges with a negative approach. One might get away one day with a negative approach due to plain good fortune but keeping a negative mindset will eventually get the better of the person and he or she will ultimately founder. Therefore to achieve long-standing success in life and bounce back from tough situations you must always have a positive attitude. You have to have the vision of seeing the positive side of everything even if no positivity appears on first sight. You not only should let your positive energy keep you hale and hearty even in times of crisis but you can also inspire other people as well through you positive lifestyle. Being positive has great benefits and you will only start to realize those once you begin to lead a positive life yourself. Negativity wears you down mentally. Tough situations in life bring in a lot of negative thoughts and self-doubts at times and once you give in to those, slowly but surely they would make you ineffective. So you should avoid negative thoughts or negative persons particularly during tough situations and keep your focus firmly on a positive path and approach. Your positive approach will generate a positive energy within yourself that will keep your spirits up and running. Your positive energy will always give you the direction to something fruitful in life that you need to pursue doggedly.

(5) Engage in acts of selflessness

In an utter selfish world you need to act and think selflessly not to be something out of the ordinary but to make you more humble. Without humility you cannot bounce back out of a tough situation, it is as simple as that. Realizing within yourself how fortunate and blessed you have been with so many advantages in life that so many are deprived of should make you humble for sure. Hence you would be able to reach out to other people not only to do good charitable work but also to be good, sober and helpful towards other people in life. You will be amazed to find so many people reaching out to you in your darkest hour in life. The more you surround yourself with only self-seeking goals and ambitions the further you will alienate yourself from quality human association, that you can fall back upon in times of need. Apart from the human association your selfless living will make you more amenable to accepting the realities of life and get the better of almost all tough situations in life.

Bounce back to happiness once again

Even though bouncing back from a tough situation in life is never easy and you may have to go through the grind for quite a while but if you ever thought of resourceful help that will give you a better road-map towards your eventual betterment then I guess the above five methods will definitely help your cause. Apart from using the methods as a tool for getting out of tough situations you can also use them as a means to a better and fulfilled lifestyle that will change your holistic approach towards life in the long-run and make you ready to take on any challenge in life.


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