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History of Windows operating system.

February 05, 2012  by: AJAY  Points: 12   Category: Software  Earning $0.50   Views: 799

The article gives complete information on the history of windows operating system. You will also get details about Windows Version 1.0, Windows version 2.0, Windows version 3.0, Windows 95 operating system, Windows 2000, Windows Me, Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7.


Windows is a very well known name among computer users. It has successfully completed its silver jubilee and now it is on the 27th year. The journey of windows began in the year 1985. In this year, Microsoft released it's operating system windows 1.0 version.

Windows Version 1.0

Its primary base it disc operating system or DOS. In those days, this operating system was run with the help of hard disk or with two floppy discs since Cd's were neither much in use nor popular. In the windows version 1.0 text editor, notebook, painting were available along with some other support programs. For this, SSD operating system version 2.0 was required along with the computer memory of 254 Kb. It was not possible to move from one application to another in this. Besides, applications like MS word and Excel were missing in this.

Windows Version 2.0

Microsoft windows version 2.0 came out in December, 1987. It became little popular with the inclusion of Microsoft word and Excel. To help with the features like data sharing and updating, a highly developed memory like DDE. The memory requirement was minimum 512 Kb. In this year itself, a highly developed windows version 3.11 was started.

Windows Version 3.0

In the year 1990, windows version 3.0 came in the market. Microsoft company was on its way for the improvement of the same.. Just after two years from this, in 1992 , windows 3.1 came. With the release of this version, popularity of Microsoft increased and it dominated the market. This version came with multimedia upgrade kits along with CD-Rom drives and sound cards. In 1992, to facilitate reading and writing Microsoft brought in the market version 3.1 with two type font.

In July, 1993, a more developed version of windows NT 3.1 was released by Mircrosoft. In place of 16 bit architecture 32 bits of architecture was used. This operating system was known to be NT operating system in the market. This was followed by the release of windows NT 3.5 in 1994, windows NT 3.51 in 1995 and windows 4.0 in 1996. Now characters in regional languages could be written and typed in computers. With the download of applications like typing software, real type writers market got a huge setback.

Windows 95 operating system

Personal computing got momentum after the release of windows 95 back in the year 1995. The usage of computer got huge popularity. Due to this the rich interface between hardware and software increased. Along with it different kinds of job related with computer also increased. Different kinds of computer training centers in our country, India, got widespread.

Among computer users names like processors, ram, hard disk etc became very famous and common. For windows 95 usage the minimum requirement was 386 DX processors, four Mb ram and 120 Mb hard disk. To make the computer fast 486 DX processors and 8 Mb ram were used by many.

In Windows 95 operating system, Microsoft word, Excel, Power point etc were used by the users. It also paved a new way in the world of designing. Programs like Aldus Pagemaker was used for desktop publishing and Adobe Photoshop software was used for photo editing. Like this, there were many programs and soft wares that got momentum in use. Microsoft spend huge sum of money in advertisement of windows 95 operating system throughout the world. It got a world wide market and become very popular in no time. With the popularity of windows 95, Microsoft started thinking on the lines of more improvement and finally released windows 98 in the year 1998. But there was not much alteration made in this version of windows. The most important feature that was added to it was the support for internet. Internet explorer browser was added as a part of this system. IT supported USB and along with this desktop become more active to the users. The minimum requirement for running this operating system was 66 MHz 486 DX processor, 16 Mb ram and 500 Mb of hard disc space.

Windows 2000

In the year 2000, came the windows 2000 version. This required an advanced desktop configuration. For windows 2000 professional version the minimum requirement is 133 MHz Pentium microprocessor, 32 Mb ram, 2 GB hard disk with a minimum empty space of 650 Mb. From this version itself the word Pentium became famous among computer users.

Windows Me

After this windows Me was launched by Microsoft in the year 2000. It is well known by the name of Windows Millennium Edition. It was a graphical operating system and very soon it got its popularity among the movie lovers. It included Windows Media Player and Windows Movie Maker software. Users can watch movies in the system itself. It worked well with the pentium processors and both become equally popular.

Windows XP

In the year 2001, Windows XP was released. Desktops and laptops were seen with this operating system as it become very popular among the users because of its rich interface. It runs with advanced processor, ram and hard disk and many software could be installed on it. Keeping huge data, watching movies, access of word and excel gave computers a new dimension. Still windows XP is still the most used application among users. Two make a wireless connection between two computers there is hardly any alternative to windows XP.

Windows Vista

After windows XP, Windows Vista came into the scenario in the year 2006. With the addition of new features it was accepted it would gain much popularity but it did not meet up to the expectation. It included feature like windows slide bar, windows photo gallery, desktop gazette and advanced search. It is available in six version and requires advanced hardware. It requires 1 GB processor, 1 GB ram, 1 GB of empty space in hard disk. These requirements are one of the reasons why users did not like it much.

Windows 7

Microsoft was very much concerned about Windows vista not becoming much popular. To hold the popularity of Windows XP, Microsoft launched in the market Windows 7 in 2009. It is very popular among the users. It also brought a huge change in the software world. It is going very well with the latest technology and is available in different versions like Windows 7 home premium, Windows 7 professional and Windows 7 utility.


After crossing 25 years of its existence Windows is still going strong and it is on the 27 year. The journey started from Windows 1.0 and now it is in Windows 7. During this modern age, along with the usage of desktop, laptop, tablets and smart phones Windows is very much in demand. Microsoft is doing quite well to meet the requirement of its users and always coming out with something new to fulfill the requirement of the people. Who knows in the coming years it might come up with some more latest technology and unfold it to its global users.


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