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Will Barack Obama Win Again in 2012 ?

February 05, 2012  by: Madan G Singh  Points: 15   Category: Political    Views: 586

Barack Obama is fighting for a second term in the White House. He may win with a wafer thin majority


Election fever is on in America. This is 2012 and the world is watching the election to the most powerful CEO of the world. There is no doubt that the US president is arguably the most important post in the world. Whosever wins this election, the impact will be felt in all corners of the globe. Thus Russia, China and Europe await with bated breath as to who the new incumbent will be.

Standing for re-election is Barack Obama who has completed one term as president. As per the 22nd amendment which limits the US presidentship to 2 terms, Obama has one more chance to be president. His opponent is as yet not decided, but there is a good chance that Mitt Romney may oppose him. The question is whether Obama will weather the storm of his opponent and win again. As it stands, American society is greatly polarized for and against Obama. One factor that is hidden by his opponents is the effect of the color of his skin. Despite many of his opponents claiming that they oppose Obama on his performance, yet what I see is an undercurrent of hurt to be ruled by a colored and perhaps an atheist.At least his mother was one.

Thus this opposition group have come up with weird connotations. Some claim he is a communist,others that he is undermining US constiturltion. There are still others who claim he is anti Semetic and some have latched on to his birth. It all shows that the aim of this right wing is to oust Obama, come what may. These groups are vociferous in their opposition to Obama and can go to any lengths to vilify and tar anybody who is a supporter of Obama. One must remember that to see how one looks, he has to have mirror.

This is something that is not visible to Americans themselves , is more likely to be visible from outside, like a visitor to the USA. Politics and democracy is not that simple. There is a vast numbet of Americans, who want to do away with a legacy of wars. These were ushered in by Obamas predecessors. It is this silent majority that may tilt the scales in Obamas favor. It is possible Obama may win again despite the color of his skin


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