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How to Recover Data from Hitachi Hard Drives

February 06, 2012  by: maggiena  Points: 12   Category: Software    Views: 866

Lost data in Hitachi hard drive? Still looking for tools to recover files from Hitachi hard drive? This article tells you how to recover Hitachi hard drive with three methods.


Need the help of recover data from Hitachi hard drive? As one of the significant hard drive manufacturer, Hitachi offers series of stylish, efficient and compact external hard drives as well as internal hard drives. It makes our life easier and more convenient. However, you may meet the cases like losing data in Hitachi hard drives. Fortunately, all of the data on a failed Hitachi hard drive can be recovered with Hitachi hard drive recovery program or other tools that are already on hand. The article below tells you how to recover files from Hitachi hard drive with three methods:

Method 1: Search the lost data using a second computer
While found data lost in Hitachi hard drive or the hard drive was failed to load, you can connect the failed drive as a secondary drive to another working computer that is running the same, or newer operating system as the failed drive. Then simply search for files and copy then to other portable devices such as a USB hard drive, memory card, etc.

Method 2: Use Hitachi hard drive data recovery software
The first method is limited to solve minor file system issues such as cross-linked files or other typical operating system problems that stop the drive from being accessed. If you mistakenly format the hard drive or lost partitions in hard drive, things will be much complicated. Yet there still have choices to get back them. Professional Hitachi hard drive recovery software can help you recover data from the hard drive, just install the software and run it on the second computer to scan the hard drive. This method is recommended for the powerful function and reasonable price. This tool supports all Hitachi hard drives, such as external drives including Hitachi external mobile drives, Hitachi external desktop drives and internal drives like TRAVELSTAR, DESKSTAR, ULTRASTAR, CINEMASTAR, ENDURASRAR, etc.

Method 3: professional labs
For the critical data or stubborn drives, if you can't recover them with data recovery software or the failed hard drive is not accessible from the secondary computer, professional data recovery labs can put data from any drive that still has the platters intact. Nevertheless, the price will be much higher compared to the above two ways.

Resources: http://www.card-data-recovery.com/hitachi-hard-drive-recovery.htm


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