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How to Get On-side with People

February 07, 2012  by: Joina  Points: 12   Category: Others    Views: 672

This article explains the three key points to get people on-side. Three Key Words:- . Recognize . Understand . Appreciate


People will not always agree with you. Why should they? Even when you come up with really good ideas, others will find some way of criticizing them. So how do you respond to people who seem to be against you? The first thing is don't assume they are trying to knock you down. Maybe they do have a genuine point to make or a criticism that can improve your ideas. But, more importantly, you must control your conversation in such situations.

There are three key words to remember. They are 'recognize', 'understand', and 'appreciate'. Everyone likes to be recognized, understood and appreciated. These are key points in getting people 'on-side' rather than having them 'off-side'.

When you recognize what someone says, it does not mean you agree with it. You do, however, indicate you have heard his/her point and taken it into account. However, be specific. Actually say you recognize the point, then show it by summarizing it accurately.

Everyone likes to be appreciated. It is a mark of respect. It must, however, be genuinely meant, even if you disagree with the person. So if you say 'I appreciate that...', you are giving the other person respect and this helps build good relations.

To understand someone means you have listened to them even if you differ in your views. To hold a problem solving discussion let people know you understand them by summarizing their views accurately. Either do it by a request such as 'Let me see if I understand...', or do it by a statement such as 'My understanding of your position is...'


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