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Abnormal Liver and How to Reduce ALT and AST Levels

February 08, 2012  by: rekhas  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.50   Views: 2954

Here we discuss about Abnormal Liver and How to Reduce ALT and AST Levels. ALT and AST level in your body can increase due to continuous alcohol consumption, smoking, unhealthy lifestyle, hepatitis and number of other reasons. It can also cause intense depression. However, too much medication can also lead to high ALT and AST. Regular exercise, drinking plenty of water and eating more fruits and vegetables can help you reduce ast and alt levels in your liver.


When we search online about ALT and AST levels, we find results that speak about liver function tests. Only ALT and AST may not provide the full details about your liver function. However, ALT and AST tests determine any inflammation, injury or damage to the liver due to alcohol or drug abuse or other sources. Despite high ALT and AST levels, the live might be functioning properly. Doctors usually prescribe an ultrasound test along with the ALT and AST test for men and women.

When can you have an abnormal liver?

If there is too much alcohol in your blood, if you drink more than three beers everyday and have no exercise at all, it can cause fatty liver. This can increase your ALT and AST. Likewise, Hepatitis B and C can also alter and increase the liver enzymes. Some medicines also elevate the ALT and AST levels. Usually cholesterol, asthma, anti-depression medication and liver medications can also cause abnormalities. The most common 'fatty liver' occurs due to alcohol abuse. Constant fatty liver can also cause liver damage, possibility of diabetes and other harmful health problems.

Causes of High ALT and AST Levels

There can be several causes for high ALT and AST levels in the body. Usually, doctors will suspect alcohol abuse, drug abuse, hepatitis and celiac disease as a cause for such condition. They will ask if you had a family history of such problems. Also, they can ask you to take an ultrasound test to probe in detail about the liver function. If you are applying for citizenship in any country, they might conduct a GGT and other related tests to make sure that you have no health issues or abuse alcohol/drugs etc.

How to Reduce High ALT and AST

If your ALT and AST levels are above the standard level, do not panic. You can make them normal by making some changes in your current lifestyle. Firstly, make an appointment with your family physician and get tests done for your cholesterol, liver function tests, blood sugar, bloog pressure and hepatitis tests done.

Your next step is to keep away from alcohol abuse, smoking, drugs and all such junk habits. Also, drink minimum three to four liters water daily. Drinking water helps to eliminate toxins in your body. Alcohol, smoking and similar abusive habits increase toxins in your body.

Change your eating habits. Quit junk food, say no to fried foods and snacks. Switch to eating more vegetables and fruits. Try to eat more oatmeal, avocados and flaxseed to improve your health sooner.

Regular exercise is mandatory if you are in a hurry to reduce your ALT and AST levels. As your work out, your body fat burns and cleans your system internally. Since you sweat more, you tend to drink more water. However, do not try heavy weights initially as it may also increase your ALT and AST levels. Certains medications and weight loss products can increase your ALT and AST.


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