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How to protect your account with picture password?

February 09, 2012  by: AJAY  Points: 12   Category: Software  Earning $0.45   Views: 1176

In this article, I have explained about how to protect your account with picture password. I have also explained about protecting your account, what is picture password?, how picture password works?, advantages of picture passwords.


Protecting your account

Protecting your online account is itself a big challenge for you today. After you get online you might think that some invisible eyes are watching you from somewhere and trying to sense all the transactions you are doing with your account. Experts are advising you to change your passwords every periodically to keep your account secured. But do you get that mental peace with all these wavering in your mind all the while. Now, do not worry, I will give you an information which will bring that cheer back to your lips which were long lost due to these hopeless thoughts.

What is picture password?

A group of researchers in the United States have discovered a new type of password to prevent hacking of accounts. Still guessing what that could be? Yes, this new type of password is known as picture password . You need to recognize the pictures in place of digits. If only you choose the right pictures it will allow you to log in into your account.

How picture password works?

Now, let me tell you about the discoverers who did this for you. The researchers of the picture password explains that for the first time when you are about to log in you will be provided with twelve pictures. You need to choose four pictures from those available pictures. Let us assume that among all the pictures available you chose four pictures like a burning candle, a green banana, a rose and a donkey. The computer will keep this pictures stored in its memory. Next time, when you will take the effort to log in into your account you will be shown all the pictures. From these available pictures when you will choose the required four old password pictures which you chose before you will be able to log successfully in. Because of the force field technology, as it is known, hacking of account could be hundred percent prevented. There is also some good examples to prove the claim for the security of the same.

Advantage of picture password

Very often you get spam e-mails in your account which claims that you have won several crores of pounds. Then you are asked to provide your bank details and password to claim the amount. After getting these vital details hackers get you bankrupt. But if your account is protected with picture password then it would be very difficult for the hackers to hack your account. This is so because even if you want to give picture details you would not be able to give any details about the same and even if you give it would not be functional and effective. The reason, for this is that, picture database would consist of many pictures of the similar type. Remember the picture of burning candle I was initially talking about. This picture of burning candle is stored in different ways. Some of the pictures are snapped from close while others are from a distance and even from different angles which would be very difficult to guess for others except the real owner of the account holder. Moreover, even those who have chosen the four pictures from the twelve pictures would not be able to draw the pictures successfully which he/she chose before. But he/she will be able to identify the picture easily if that picture is along with other pictures. The best thing is that even if the hackers use force field technology they will not be able to find the passwords successfully.

Now the question is why it is impossible to draw the pictures that were chosen before? The answer is because of the limitation of the human brains. In an experiment that was carried out it has been found that in ninety six percent of cases people failed to draw those pictures which they have chosen before.


Hence, if this technology is used in future then online hacking of accounts could be prevented successfully to a huge extent and people like you would get a sigh of relief. This technology is very promising and it is ninety nine percent safe. Let us wait for the day when it would be available for each one of us and the jobs of hackers get as difficult as possible.


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How to protect your account with picture password?
In this article, I have explained about how to protect your account with picture password. I have also explained about protecting your account, what is picture password?, how picture password works?, advantages of picture passwords.


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