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How to Use Incline Training on Treadmill for Weight Loss

February 10, 2012  by: rekhas  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.60   Views: 521

As you exercise, your body releases 'feel good hormones' hence, you tend to feel good about yourself and this helps to beat depression, stress and anxiety. After a good workout, you will have no trouble digesting your food or falling asleep on time. Here are some best tips on incline training for quick weight loss.


Weight loss goals differ from one person to another. Some people want to lose weight in order to look attractive. Some other people may have to lose weight in order to get rid of obesity or due to a medical condition. Moreover, exercise works as the best alternative for people who want to get rid of their alcohol addiction, smoking habits or to overcome depression. In fact, as you exercise, your body releases 'feel good hormones' hence, you tend to feel good about yourself and this helps to beat depression, stress and anxiety. After a good workout, you will have no trouble digesting your food or falling asleep on time.

Incline Training and Weight Loss

To improve your cholesterol levels, for better cardiac health or to achieve desired weight loss goals, you may like to exercise but may not want to spend too many hours in the gym or health club. Hence, incline training on your treadmill or ellepticals may be the best solution.

What is incline training? It is nothing but simulation hiking effect in the gym. when you move on a high incline or low incline, your body burns more fat in a short time. High incline will seem as though you are walking or running on a hill. A low incline will seem like a downward slope. Incline training workout is also good for strength training and quick weight loss.

How to begin Incline Training

Just like any other weight loss plan, first speak with your family doctor. Check if your health will permit you to use high incline exercises on the treadmill and other work out machines. After that, you can begin your regular workout regimen.

A high incline on treadmill also reduces the possibilty of muscle injury or high strain to your joints, knees, and other areas. Never try to run on a high incline treadmill without support. Grip the handles or the sidebar of the treadmill when it is on a high incline. Always begin with a slow warm up, then move on to intense workout by increasing the incline gradually and then reduce the incline to the initial level. These different modes will make sure that your body gets the maximum workout and burns more fat in a shorter time.

Intense Incline Workout

When you set your treadmill or stepper on a high incline, you need to monitor the quality versus the quantity. You tend to sweat lot more. In this process, you will drink more water and it improves your metabolism and eliminates toxins at faster pace. You can walk if your treadmill is on an incline of 7-12 percent or do a small jog if you set the treadmill between 5-7. You can initially begin and perform incline training for 20 minutes and gradually increase the pace and intensity as you get used to it.

Beginners can start incline training by warming up for five minutes, then raising the incline by two to three percent after every one or two minutes. After reaching the highest incline level, work it back by gradually decreasing the incline.

Make sure that you wear proper exercise clothing and good walking or running shoes. Never use a treadmill or any machine in the gym without shoes. Remember the good manners and wipe out the treadmill handles and buttons with a tissue paper and disinfectant. We sweat a lot while exercising on the machines and it is a good habit to wipe them before and after use. All these tips will help you reach your fitness goals and quick weight loss. Try incline training today and see good results in a few weeks!


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