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Why nail has its own importance?

February 12, 2012  by: AJAY  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.40   Views: 847

In this article, I have explained why nail has its own importance. I have also explained about parts of the nails, some facts about nails, diseases related with nails, spot on the nails, paronychia, soft nails etc.


We tend to think very little about the nails that are found on our fingers and toes. But it has its own importance. Women polish their nails to add to their beauty and charm. Nails has always been a matter of curiosity and concern among the humans. Certain questions about nails bring in us a lot of interest to know our nails in detail like why does the nails always grow straight and not up? Or why finger nails grow even after death? Or why does the nails grow faster in summer than any other seasons.?

Parts of nails

Nails are produced from the nail matrix which is situated in the nail bed. The tissues of the nail matrix produce cells that develop into nails. A completely developed nail has a nail plate, nail groove, lunula and eponychium. The nail plate is the body of the nail and it seems pink due to the presence of capillaries under it. The nail groove also known as nail fold is a shallow depression between the nail bed and the nail wall. The lunula is the whitish crescent shaped area of the nail located at the ends of the nails close to the finger. The eponychium also known as cuticle is attached very closely to the nail plate. It is a thickened layer of skin which surrounds the finger and toe nails.

Some facts about nails

There is a common belief that the problems of nails are very much related with the lack of calcium in the human body. Many of us even take calcium tablets due to this wrong belief. The amount of calcium in nails are very low. In fact, proteins as carotene plays a vital role in the development of nails.

Growth of nails among all the fingers are not similar. The nails of the thumbs and little finger grows slowly in comparison with other finger nails. By a keen observation, it could be observed that the nails on the right hand grows faster than the nails on the left hand. Besides, in comparison to women growth of nails in men is faster. Moreover, the growth of nails in summer is more than any other seasons.

Diseases related with nails

When there is a disease in the nail you will notice a change in the shape, size, color and markings on the nails. Sometimes, you might notice your nails to be yellowish in color or it might have a broken edge or it looks like to be in the shape of a spoon. Sometimes a yellowish color of the nail is associated with chronic diseases and liver disorders. A reddish nail might be associated with heart problems. Some of these problems do not show that it is the problem of the nail. These could be the side affects of other problems or diseases within the body.

Spot on the nails

Sometimes when there is a spot on your skin you take care of it and go for medication. Similar attitude should be there with your nails also. Certain kind of spots on the nails may prevent it from its proper growth and could even lead to its breakage with decolonization. In such cases you need to consult a doctor.


It can be caused by bacteria, fungi and viruses. It is an infection of the nail fold. People who work in water usually get affected with this disease. It is marked by pain, redness and swelling. The bacteria can enter through a break on the lateral nail and it is a very highly infectious disease.

Pain in the toe nails

The nail of the toes, especially the thumb toe, enlarges and cuts the muscles of the toes. Those who wear tight shoes develop this condition. To prevent this condition nails should be cut regularly and shoes and slippers should be worn that fits properly.

Soft nails

Some of you have soft hand and toe nails through birth. But due to the lack of protein nails also get soft. Besides, if one comes along in contact with sodium hydroxide and potassium nails get soft. Nails of this type is prone to damages and hurt and one need extra care to protect the same.

Nails help in proper diagnosis

Nails are very important to physicians and doctors as it helps them to do proper diagnosis of certain diseases and conditions. By looking at the shape and nature of the nails they can get into conclusion about diseases. They can detect anemia, heart diseases, lung cancer, thyroid etc with the help of nails.


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