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Plight of Innocent Muslims Falsely accused of Terrorism in India

February 14, 2012  by: S. Chowdhury  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.70   Views: 1069

With terrorism cases on the rise in India Muslims are getting victimized on a regular basis by the investigating agencies. They are picked up on mere suspicions by the police, false cased filed against them, tortured to confession at times in lockups and had to spend years in jail without any chance of getting bail. Sadly India has not been able to be different from the U.S. and U.K. in this regard.


India like several other countries of the world has been repeated targets of terrorism and various terror outfits and its common people continue to bleed and die again and again. The major metros like Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad and Bangalore has been repeated targets of the terrorists and the common people of such cities continue to live in fear, waiting for the next impending attack to happen, as they go about with their daily life and work. Many of those who have been victims of such terror attacks have lost their near and dear ones and have not been able to come to terms with such gruesome fate their family members or friends had to meet till this day.

One of the Countless Victims of Terrorism in India

Terrorism is a nightmare for everybody, more so the common man than the authorities, as they have to bear the greater brunt of it and even had to pay with their lives in acts of mindless bloodshed. It is like living in an age of constant fear from unknown quarters. After every act of terrorism the authorities speed up their investigation, implements some tough security measures, nabs some people but with the passage of time slackness creeps into their ranks. These are the loopholes that the terrorists exploit to further their diabolical intentions and create terror attacks once again! No matter how much the authorities and anti-terror agencies try somehow the terrorists seem to outwit them and implement innovative methods of carrying out their attacks.

While there are several hundreds or more terrorist organizations in the world and one terror organization or the other seems to sprout every other day but it is a fact that a majority of such terrorist organizations are formed by radical Islamic militants who carry out attacks on innocents in the name of 'jihad' or 'holy religious war against evil forces'. Therefore even though it is sad but the majority of the Islamic community in the world is bearing the brunt of the inhuman criminal acts committed by a fraction of their religious population. Along with the innocent victims of terrorism they have also become victims of terror witch-hunt and their religion has become their worst enemy, even though they haven't harmed anyone. While terrorism cannot be supported in any form, victimizing innocent people in the name of terrorism investigation cannot be supported either.

Horrors of the Mumbai Train Blasts that killed 209 people

Everybody knows how Muslims were targeted in the U.S. and U.K. after the 9/11 attacks and London bombings and continue to be targeted till this day. Sadly such episodes have started in India as well after the repeated terrorist attacks that happened mostly in the past decade. Muslim suspects of terror attacks are picked up by the police and anti-terrorism agencies in the slightest bit of suspicion and tortured mercilessly in the lockups and even forced to confess the crimes they never committed. False cases are filed against the suspects and held up in jails for years without bail. As a result of this victimization their families back home face an ordeal of a different kind, this time from society, that of a pariah.

Recently seven people, who were all Muslims and accused of the 2006 Malegaon bomb blasts in Maharashtra that killed 37 people and injured over 100, were granted bail by the Maharashtra Control of Organised Crime Act (MCOCA) Court in November 2011 after spending five years in jail since the investing agency NIA (National Investigation Agency) didn't oppose their bail pleas due to lack of proper evidence against them after the involvement of other Hindu terror groups surfaced. I wonder if there wasn't enough evidence against them then under what right the investigating agency was allowed to keep these men behind bars for five years. What kind of a judiciary we have that lets people to rot in jail for five years without their guilt being proven! Everybody knows about this case since this case is in the limelight for its startling revelations but there are countless such false cases made up against Muslims across India on charges of supporting or actively participating in acts of terrorism.

Malegaon Blasts accused rejoice after being released on bail

I read a story in a Newspaper about a young man in his early twenties, who was picked up by the West Bengal Police on mere suspicion of links with terror groups after he was confused with a dreaded terrorist because of certain similarities. He was kept in judicial custody for several months and tortured inhumanly on a daily basis to force him to confess his alleged crimes. He was released later by the courts and freed of all charges, as the Police couldn't prove anything in the courts. In the police custody the young man's leg was tied with a rope and his feet battered with batons for hours. Now the sorry state of the young man is that, he can barely stand for 15 minutes. Instead of taking responsibility of their shameful action the police didn't even bother to say sorry for ruining a young life and the hopes of his family, as he is the only breadwinner of his family!

This is not any isolated case. There are many such cases that don't catch the attention of the media somehow. I would like to believe that the law of the land in India is the same for everybody regardless of religion, cast, creed, social status or anything else, but that doesn't seem to be happening. The law says that even if hundred criminals get away not even one innocent should get punished. Sadly that motto is not upheld in any manner or spirit by the police or other investigating agencies or even the judiciary, particularly in terrorism cases. I don't think any liberal minded citizen of India will like to accept this victimization of Muslims in India in the name of terrorism investigations. This needs to stop at the earliest and all sane voices should protest against these disgraceful wrongdoings.

Author: Mathi        
Posted Date: 02/15/2012    Points:5    

your points are genuine. But when like bad incidents happens, those are died or killed leave their alone. Those were wounded and eye witnessed public, they are giving information. Based on that information are almost about Muslims only. And real tragedies happens, almost Muslims peoples are caught red handed because they were presented on the spot and gave statements, it was done by our organization. or took responsibility our jihad organization likes.

So that unfortunately innocent were arrested.

But 95 % are correct caught by security forces.
Author: S. Chowdhury        
Posted Date: 02/15/2012    Points:5    

What you are saying is not true. Had the security forces been able to lay hands on the real culprits with so much accuracy then we won't be having so many terrorism incidents in our country. The terrorists will then be like headless chicken. But that is not the case. The security forces always look for the easiest way out and this is one of the most convenient ones, victimize the powerless. I guess you know how DAVID COLEMAN HEADLEY took a recee of Mumbai prior to the 26/11 attacks. If our security forces were so good, why couldn't they nab him before the attacks. So this is definitely a malicious malpractice that needs to be stopped. There are countless horror tales that I could have added here only making the article long.

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