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How excess use of internet affects you?

February 14, 2012  by: AJAY  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.70   Views: 675

In this article, I have explained about how excess use of internet affects you. I have also mentioned about internet addiction disorders, internet sets wrong impacts on mind, internet spreads false information, internet causes health problems etc. Moreover, how to cure oneself from internet addiction is also mentioned.


Usage of internet

With in a few second you are connected with friends. The medium which connects you with friends is none other than your home PC or computer. Computer today, together with internet connection, can connect you on the online world within seconds. It can provide answers for your queries within a few seconds. Today, a computer with an internet connection is a big craze among everyone. But when this craze crosses the limits it changes into addiction very soon. When you get addicted with internet then it began to affect your regular day to day life. A simple hobby of surfing the internet changes into an addiction without your notice.

Affects of internet

Excess use of internet has its own evil affects . It not only affects you morally but also affects your physical healths. Certainly, due to the use of internet for long hours people has lost their mental peace and health prosperity. Sometimes, people remain so engaged with its usage that they hardly notice the fact until and unless somebody reminds them about it. Now, let us consider some of the aspects how internet affects you in the long run. It might help to bring in that awareness within you which you need to deal with such a problem in the future.

Internet addiction disorders

You step into the world of entertainment with the usage of computer through internet. You listen to songs, watch movies and play different types of games according to your interest and mood. Besides, there are also social networking sites where you can chit chat with your friends and strangers. The reality is that this types of entertainment are causing moral problems. You get morally affected and it is termed internet addiction disorder or in short IAD. Though the term is very hard to define but according to experts the act of over involvement with the usage of internet or spending too much time by being online which indirectly hampers your regular activity is known as internet addiction disorders .

Internet sets wrong impacts on mind

Internet users also make their entry to different pornographic sites or pages. According to a recent survey, internet users search information in pornographic sites more than any other sites. They even download videos, movies and trailers. It has its wrong impacts on the minds of youngsters and children . Through internet these unwelcome activities are on the rise and sometimes it becomes very hard to draw a line to prevent our youngsters from doing so.

Internet spread false information

Moreover, the lovers of internet head their way to different social networking sites, online dating sites and chat rooms. They build friendships and within minutes they break friendships. They want to prove themselves as heroes and heroines on the eyes of other internet users. They even do not holdup from telling lies to each other about themselves. Among teens the habit of giving false information is on the rise very much.

Internet affects nature and basic traits

There are some other problems which can surface due to the excess use of internet and computer. One might get a feeling of tastelessness and boredom in their day to day life. To hide their face from their real life they might get immense pleasure in the online world. One's self confidence gets tarnished to a huge extent. Among children computer has become a great media to pass their time in loneliness. The types of games they play makes them violent in their real life. Their nature and personal traits get a huge set back.

Internet causes health problems

Apart from mental problems, there are many healths related problems also associated with the excess use of internet. It leads ones to get overweight or underweight as the case maybe. If these continues for a long period of time problems of eyesight, back ache and severe pain in the neck surfaces. Pain in the palm and wrist is also on the cards which is medically termed as carpel tunnel syndrome.There are people who after a whole day of busy schedule logs into their computers in the night. This gives rise to problems like insomnia and high blood pressure.

Cure from addiction of internet

Now the question is how to solve these problems and get rid of it? Believe me, it is only you and yourself who could diagnose yourself. You might need a bit of support from your near and dear ones in the initial stages but after a while you could well control the situation. Hence, without any delay just take your humble steps to solve the problems from today. Make a through investigation if you are an internet addict or a simple user of it. Then try to control your action through a steady and firm mind. To start with, you might face some problems but after a while you will find yourself to be back in the normal track. This life of yours is precious and use it in a way which benefits you the most.


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