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India's new image crisis in East Asia

May 19, 2010  by: Rahul  Points: 25   Category: Social  Earning $0.50   Views: 1331

India's new image crisis in East Asia good or bad? We will discus this topic through this article.


Now receding is the recently "rising" profile of India in Greater East Asia, which includes Australia and the South Pacific sub-region. This is largely traceable to the perception that India's civilian nuclear energy deal with the United States may fall through.

However, New Delhi can still retrieve some of its lost "luster." Because its new image crisis in Greater East Asia goes beyond the perception of some governments and pundits about the nuclear deal. Even on the nuclear issue itself, high-profile powers in the region, such as China and Japan besides South Korea and Australia, are watching out for a possible end-game in the India-U.S. dialogue on this deal.

At stake is also the equally important factor concerning India's "sluggish" economic engagement with key East Asian players. Right now, New Delhi is visible more as an earnest seeker of investments than as a bold trading partner.

Seen in this perspective, India's now receding profile is not the result of just the new "difficulties" - Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's own phrase - in the "operationalisation" of the civilian nuclear energy accord with the U.S.

Delay on FTA a concern

The delay on a free trade agreement (FTA) between India and the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) is a regional concern, which adversely affects New Delhi's credentials for serious foreign policy initiatives. The signing of an Asean-India FTA has not been listed, as of now, as a possible pride-of-place item on the agenda of their planned summit in Singapore in late November.

Yet if New Delhi can still clinch this FTA quickly, the political atmospherics of India's engagement with the other major powers and emerging economies in the forum of East Asia Summit (EAS) will improve.

It is in this climate of economic and strategic opinion that Dr. Singh's Government has now come to be assessed, despite its defenses" about how it could go in meeting the expectations of its Asia-Pacific interlocutors.

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