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The Purpose of Religion, Faith and God

February 16, 2012  by: ushakiran  Points: 12   Category: People  Earning $0.50   Views: 886

Religion is more like an institution which has become very complicated as years went by and the institution got firmly rooted in our society . But belief in God gives people the strength to face difficulties.


Religion , God and Faith..

It has often been told by many thinkers that Religion is the Opium of the masses.But those who believe in God and Religion have different views.Religion, God and Faith have a very important function to play in our society. Life is certainly not easy. Knowing there is someone up there for us and having a purpose in our life becomes quite an encouraging factor !

Religion is more like an institution which has become very complicated as years went by and the institution got firmly rooted in our society . But belief in God gives people the strength to face difficulties. Going by all accounts, Religion, was a man made institution , that initially evolved questioning and fearing the fury and strength of nature and later worshipping it to appease it .In the initial stages Religion and its various rules and regulations made life easier by regulating human behavior.The main purpose of Religion at that stage of human evolution was to control human behavior and regulate it.Most other institutions like Marriage ,family and connected relationships are all interlinked with Religion.

Belief in God or anything that inspires you gives you a lot of strength and the capacity to face any adversities in life .What ultimately matters in life is one's own faith and belief, it could be anything for that matter - Some believe in nature and some in godmen and so on...What is important is that most people need to draw strength from something that inspires them .This makes them stronger and gives them the necessary courage required to face life. Life as we all know can be very tough and seems very unfair at times .But ,when we are able to draw strength from some source that inspires us , it becomes much easier to face life.

No one knows for sure whether god or Devil exists nor about the existence of hell or heaven . One can safely say that both hell or heaven are right here on earth and what is important is how well you lead your life here - being a responsible citizen and contributing in a positive manner, instead of worrying about what may or may not exist or happen after death .
Faith certainly helps an individual , in that it gives one the needed push to achieve and also face life .Belief and Faith in God or a particular religion does have positive influence on one's life.One draws strength from ones faith...As long as people understand and have the tolerance to treat and respect other beliefs and religions in a similar manner things would remain peaceful. Being religious and believing in God are two different things.Religion is a man made institution and is guided by a few religious leaders' vision whereas belief in God or anything that inspires us gives people inner strength and confidence to face life.

We are taught right from childhood to respect all religions but as we grow older, some begin to think differently .This may have a lot to do with the commercialisation of the religious institutions and also by the power hungry leaders both political and religious. As a result one becomes intolerant and begins to hate other religions and harm people belonging to other religions.This is a very negative aspect of Religion which stems from lack of understanding and tolerance .

Most religions teach that God is one, but not many follow it , as we can see the havoc caused by religious fanatics around the world.For those who believe, God gives them trust,strength and everything else needed to get through life. Belief in either religion , god or in something that inspires can motivate a person to face any adversities in life.


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