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Importance of Letter Writing in Business Management

February 16, 2012  by: rekhas  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.60   Views: 747

People should use proper official language while writing business letters. This skill comes with experience and can be mastered over a period of time.


Understanding the audience is a big challenge for the speaker or a writer. A 'You' or reader friendly attitude is important. The writers and speakers need to understand their audience and have a mental picture of the listeners and readers while they create a book, letter or a speech.

How to Cultivate a "You" Attitude

You attitude helps the speaker or the writer to express his or her concern for their audience or reader's wants and interest. For a reader oriented letter or book, the writer needs to focus on the following-
The major or key areas of concern and need of the reader
Presenting truthful and ethical information in the letter or material
Expressing logical ideas in clear and brief manner
Message should focus on reader
Message should be able to develop positive work or business relations
Writer should follow a high standard of professionalism

How to Understand the Audience-

To know the reader's view point, the writer writing the letter should carefully think about key factors such as background, values, ideas, opinions and reader's preferences. If writer knows how the reader reacted to a certain situation, he would be able to estimate a reaction under other similar situations.

Factors that Help to Understand the Audience

Certain factors will help the writer to understand the audience clearly. Here are a few common and key factors -

1) Age-

There is a major difference in how people of different ages react to a situation. Hence, while drafting letters to answer certain questions, the writer should give importance to the age of the reader. Questions of a student will be quite different from that of a senior or elder person.

2) Economic Status/Level-

This is an interesting factor. Usually, bankers will follow different procedures while sending reminder notes for loan repayment to prompt customer and to a defaulter. The letter to a defaulter will be harsh because they regularly delay loan repayments.

3) Education and Work Background-

Too much usage of technical words and jargon may not be interesting for all readers. The writer should use different letter writing styles when addressing people of different designations in an occupation. For instance, doctors can use technical words while discussing a person's medical details however, when communicating it to the patient; they use less technical or non-technical language.

4) Culture-

Cultural differences also influence the letter writing skills of a person. People with different cultural background have different meaning for various words. Hence, the writer should be careful while addressing people of a different culture.

5) Rapport-

The relationship between two people also affects the letter writing communication. Letters to regular customers have different tone when compared with letters written to a new or a prospective customer. Likewise, there are formal and informal letters written for business and personal relations.

Thus, in business management, the art of letter writing cannot be ignored. It is an essential part of business communication. These days, we use emails to communicate internally and externally in any work environment. Hence, same factors mentioned above, should be used while writing business letters. People should use proper official language while writing business letters. This skill comes with experience and can be mastered over a period of time.

Author: AJAY        
Posted Date: 02/17/2012    Points:2    

Yes, it is important to use proper official language when writing business letters. Very nicely explained how to cultivate the you attitude. Moreover, the factors mentioned to understand the audience by the author here is really noteworthy.

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