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Violence against women could be controlled by raising awareness among them.

February 17, 2012  by: AJAY  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.75   Views: 667

In this article, I have explained that violence against women could be controlled by raising awareness among them. I have also explained about equal remuneration act, immoral trafficking act, eve-teasing, prohibition of child marriage act, dowry prohibition act, family violence act, female infanticide, family violence law etc.


Violence against women has been a predominant feature in our society through the ages. It was very much prevalent in the past and it is still prevalent now. We think that if there is any change in it till now is that the amount of violence against women has reduced. But a stats proved our so called belief as baseless. Almost five years back from now crime against women were at number 7 position but now it is at number position. Hence, this act reveals that crime, violence and injustice against women are on the rise than it was before.

To safeguard women in our country, India, there are a bunch of laws. If only we take the initiative to arise the awareness among the women regarding the same, conditions would certainly improve to a great extent. Generally, crime against women could be categorized into three main divisions, that is, social, physical violence and marriage related violence.

Equal remuneration act

The two main vital wings of our society is men and women. But, the unfortunate scenario is women are, quite often, not given equal remuneration as compared to men for the same nature of work they do. Of course, there is a law concerning this inequality in work policy. This law is called Equal Remuneration Act. But the nail biting fact is that most women are unaware about this law.

Immoral trafficking prevention act

Now, the second problem of the society is illegal trafficking of women and children . Like any commodity, women and children are sent from villages to cities or from one state to another. The most disheartening fact is that sometimes parents of daughters as her father and mother sell them like any other commodities in the market to get themselves relieved from debt or poverty. Sometimes, the regional middlemen trap or lure them or their family members for better job opportunities or marriages and push them into the hell of prostitution for forever. There is also a law against such a practice. The law is immoral trafficking prevention act, 1956.


Together with the other unwelcome circumstances, there is another evil existing parallel in our society. This is eve-teasing and this sexual harassment is prevalent everywhere including road, cinema halls, educational institutions etc. It could be a loud comment on a woman passing nearby or as a whistle or hooting etc. If a complaint is lodged against the offenders then under 501 degree the culprit would be punished or penalized under this act.

Prohibition of child marriage act

Even today girl child is most unwelcome in our society. Therefore, we find the evils like child marriages etc still prevalent in our society. This practices are mostly found to be in the suburbs and villages and even in some big cities. There is the law of prohibition of child marriage act, 2006. Believe me, if timely and accurate information is provided at the right place then this law could be used well to curb this menace from its root.

Dowry prohibition act

Today, we claim that our society is educated and we are the educated lot. But, believe me, certain unwelcome and undesirable things are still going on under the carpet. It is a big shame that today also our society considers women as the weaker sex or as someone who is ready to tolerate any injustice did to them by being silent about it. This is one of the big reason behind all the injustice done towards women. There is an act called the dowry prohibition act , 1961 but this act is left alone as it is. This is so because women in most of the cases do not come out of their comfort zone when it matters to fight for their rights and security.

Family violence act

Besides, when a woman is tortured and if any of her family members as her father, mother etc take help of law, these matter could be dealt under section 498. In case of murder also this is applicable. Under family violence act of 2005 this case can be registered. If under 7 years of marriage a woman dies then the matter would be dealt with much severity under this law.

Female infanticide

Another big problem in our society is the female infanticide . According to the recent population census of our country, India, the ratio of women per thousand men is 900. But this ratio gets a huge set back in the states of Bihar, Punjab, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi etc. There is a law against prenatal diagnostic techniques. The law is called regulation and prevention of misuse.

Family violence law

There is another law for victimized women. This is family violence law, 2005. The law came into force back in 2006. This law deals with the following cases:

*Physical torture
*Sexual violence
*Verbal and emotional abuse
*Economic abuses etc.

Mothers, unmarried sisters, sisters-in-laws and even those who are in live together relationships could benefit from the law. With this law mothers no longer could be abandoned by their sons and sisters could no longer be deprived from their parent's property.

Earlier women had no rights on the properties of their father and husband. In the year 2005 they got this right after a slight amendment in the existing law. According to the Hindu succession act, 2005 women got the right on their parental property.


It is a nail biting fact that violence against women are on the rise but it is also a fact that through awareness about the existing laws women could fight for their rights. For this to happen, women needs to be educated about the same and should have enough faith on themselves. But these acts should be only used by those women who are genuinely deprived from their rights or going through genuine violence, inequality or injustice. I used the termed genuinely because, now-a-days, we find certain women who try to misuse their rights and exercise their power on the innocents. Such kind of practices from this kind of women are not at all desirable for the society. A proper investigation would always reveal if a woman is victimized in real life or she wants to take unnecessary advantage of these laws by being a women.


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