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How to fight Obesity

February 18, 2012  by: Ravikumar Ambadi  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $0.25   Views: 573

Obesity, or the accumulkation of excess fat in various parts of the body is a danger to our health. It has to be treated at any cost. Unfortunately, today's busy life and the eating habits will not provide any chance for doing regular exercises or for following a healthy diet. Here are some tips to fight obesity without disturbing our daily routine.


As we all know, the obesity is caused by the accumulation of fat in various parts of our body. Body recieves this fat from the food we eat. We can not avoid fat at all as it is the source of energy that is required by the body to perform various functions. Whenever the body needs to do some acts, it burns out certain quantity of fat to derive this energy. So, it is necessary to control the fat supply to the body and also necessary to burns out extra fat from the body. A healthy diet and regular exercises performs these functions respectively. Unfortunately, we are not having a regular food habit and there is no time for doing exercises too. So, how we can fight obesity?

A healthy diet never deny any chances of having our favorite food. Instead it demands a control over the quality. If you do not want to skip your daily milk, you can continue with skimmed or semi skimmed milk whihc contains less fat. If egg is a favorite item for you, limit to the egg whites. Thus you can start a diet of your own with some minor adjustments.

Now coming to the exercising part. If you can not spare time for regular exercies, just make it a habit to catch the bus to your office from the bus stop next to your usual one. Same way, you can getr down at a bus stop before the usual one. This will give you enough exercise of walking. At office, try to avoid using lifts. You can go up and come down using stair cases. This also will provide you a good exercise.

Back at home, never try for a shower bath. Instead use the water kept in a bucket for taking bath. This will save water and also it will make you to bend a number of times for picking up the water from the bucket. This is a good exercise and a considerable amount of fat will get burned out. It also gives good exercise to your hands as it moves a lot while picking up water and pouring over your body.

You can go by walk to your nearby shops for purchasing the household items and can have a small walk aroound the drawing room at the time of television commercials.

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Too much body fat is the reason for obesity. We can control obesity by encouraging healthy eating. Serving more fruits and vegetables and buying fewer sodas and high-calorie, high-fat snack foods are some of the ways to control obesity. Physical activity can also help us to overcome obesity or being overweight. Kids need about 60 minutes each day.

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