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How to become a successful content writer?

February 18, 2012  by: AJAY  Points: 12   Category: Blogging  Earning $1.10   Views: 956

In this article, I have explained how to become a successful content writer. I have also explained about how to start as a content writer, reading matters for successful content writing, writing down of ideas, writing in an well planned way, using proper grammar, editing of articles, giving proper title, taking proper breaks etc.


There was a time when a successful writer meant having a higher qualification. The basic qualification for a writer required masters or graduate degrees. But thankfully with time things changed and to become a writer one does not need a very high qualification. But having a higher degree is like an added advantage for an author or writer. With the popularity of internet there is a huge want of writer who could successfully write for blogs, websites and webs. The best part about it is that you do not need any higher qualification for the same. You just need to be creative, imaginative and well-informed about your subjects and topics. Besides, you need to be the one who could express his ideas and thoughts properly with the help of words, phrases, sentences and paragraphs on any given topic and subjects. Here I am going to discuss how can you become a successful content writer through simple and effective ways.

Query yourself

You might imagine yourself to be the future content writer but somehow does not know how to proceed with it. I would suggest ask yourself the question today if you could write about your thoughts and ideas in pen and paper properly? If your mind says that yes, you can then move ahead and get started with it as early as possible. Even if your mind says no do not lag behind and make your best effort to be one. Believe me, you can after doing a bit of fine tuning yourself.

How to start as a content writer?

Since you have decided by now that you want to give a go to content writing then the first thing would be to consider what you want to write. You need to think about the subjects of your expertise. If you are tech savvy and take a keen interest in tech related things or new gadgets etc then move ahead and write something about your favorite gadget. If you are the one who loves traveling to different places then write about your experiences and reviews about those places. It all matters about the things that interest you. Even if you want to experiment with writing on things in which you have no knowledge or very little knowledge then you can do research about the same and gather enough knowledge before finally writing something about it.

Reading matters for successful content writing

Before writing any thing you need to have enough knowledge about it. If you have some knowledge about something then you should start writing about it. To give your writing a real boost you need to be a good reader also. Read as much as possible and read about things that interest you so that you do not get bored.

Write down your ideas

In order to prepare your writing document you need to collect ideas about the same. To note down those ideas keep a pen and piece of paper handy with you. You never know when suddenly a bunch of ideas would flash into your mind. Make sure to write it down before you forget it for forever.

Write in a well planned way

For writing in a well planned way keep certain basic things in your mind. You need to keep in mind the fact that a reader will only go ahead and read your articles only if it is presented in an interesting and in an organized way. Project your thoughts, ideas and points in an effective but in a simple way throughout your content.

Using proper grammar

This is a vital constituent of any article. Your article should be grammatically correct as it is the basic foundation for any written content. Make sure to project your thoughts in a grammatically correct way and avoid doing spelling mistakes. Besides, you need to be equally careful with the proper usage of punctuation.

Editing of article

After you finish writing and your article is complete make sure to edit it properly. Find out if there is any mistake. Also omit unnecessary words and phrases from your article. If possible ask someone to read it out for you and check your errors and mistakes.

Giving proper title

Give a proper title to your article or resource. It will make readers aware what your article is about. Choosing a proper title holds the key and should be given a bit of thought before you finally choose a final one for your resource. Choosing a proper title counts a lot and determines the success of your article to a great extent.

Writing holds the key

To become a good writer and get noticed you need to write well. There is a famous proverb that goes like this that practice makes a complete man. Therefore, to meet that skill write at least two to three paragraphs every day on any given topic. With time you will find that it is working like a magic and you in due time you will be much comfortable with writing on any topic.

Take proper breaks

While you are on your way of preparing an article, do not pressurize yourself by working too long on it at a stretch. Rather, take small and timely breaks in between. This breaks would definitely help your mind to get refreshed. When you start after a break it will help you immensely by picking up right ideas for you.


These are some of the simple yet effective ways through which you can become a successful writer. If you have the required zeal, enthusiasm and determination then no one could prevent you from becoming a successful content writer. You just need to have some basic qualities like the keenness for working at odd hours, doing proper research for your articles and the habit of writing regularly. If you have these basic qualities then let me tell you that you are the most suitable person for the job. I wish you all the best for your new hobby and passion of content writing.

Author: ushakiran        
Posted Date: 02/19/2012    Points:2    

Fabulous article, well written with lots of excellent tips ! writing is an art and one also needs some experience and dedication to become a proficient writer.Your articles are very good Ajay, very well put together ,informative and interesting ...all the best !
Author: AJAY        
Posted Date: 02/19/2012    Points:1    

Thanks Ushakiran for your kind and inspiring words. I will motivate me to write good articles in the future too.
Author: Dr. Simran Kaur        
Posted Date: 05/16/2012    Points:2    

Right said, writing articles on regular basis and proper formatting of article is also very important for successful content writing in the field of content writing.
Author: naruto        
Posted Date: 06/15/2012    Points:2    

Good article. Surely good and helpful for the newbies. Writing blog is easy but maintaining it and making it active all time is quite hard. But if we choose the right subject and follow above tips then we can surely get success.. Good share ;)

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