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How to save money by cutting down unnecessary expenses?

February 23, 2012  by: AJAY  Points: 12   Category: Others  Earning $0.70   Views: 1431

In this article, I have mentioned about how to save money by cutting down unnecessary expenses. I have also mentioned about how to save on subscriptions, saving money by relying on home made food, saving money by buying goods in bulk, saving money by keeping electric bills on check, saving money by quitting bad habits, saving money by walking short distances etc. Moreover, I have also mentioned about chalking out plans, making of clear cut budget to save money for the future.


Save today for a better tomorrow is the golden rule which you should keep in your mind. Though, I agree, that it is easier said than done but believe me it is very much possible. Do not you think that a little bit of saving here and there from your daily recurring expenses is going to help your cause? For many of you it might seem to be an useless thing to think about anything about saving from your daily expenses . But wait and close your eyes for a few second and give it a second thought. A proper financial management from your side is not only going to manage your expenses properly but also going to help you keep a track where your hard earned money is spent. Moreover, these small savings might come in handy during those hard days when you go through acute financial problems. So why not formulate and think about some ways through which you can save. Let me walk you through some typical ways by which you can prudently save for the future.

How to save on subscriptions

If you have any monthly and annual magazine subscription you can cancel that. Internet is very easily and cheaply available medium now-a-days. You might also have an internet connection. You can use it to read magazine and books according to your taste and flair. Hence, there is hardly any use to go for those high paid monthly or annual subscriptions for reading books and magazines of your choice.

Besides, If you are a member of any health club you drain a good amount of money from your pocket in the name of physical fitness. If you want to keep your self physically fit and maintain a good healthy it would be a good idea to do some free hand exercise regularly. Remember, it does not cost you anything except your dedication and effort to gain a good health.

Saving money by relying on home made food

It is not good to depend too much on foods that are available outside. Certainly, it does not do any justice to your health in the long run. If you love to step into nearby restaurant and hotels for you lunch and dinner you definitely spend a good amount of your income on it. You can save those bucks by relying on home made food . You can prepare the food yourself. Moreover, it will do a lot of good to your health. If you consume home made foods regularly, you will find it more tastier than those foods which are available outside.

Save money by buying goods in bulk

If you buy goods for you regular usage in bulk you get some handy discount on it. Perhaps, it will also relieve you from the problem of moving out of your house everyday to buy them. Considering these two benefits, it would be a wise idea to buy goods in bulk and store them for the future use. You can buy toothpastes, soaps, rice, wheat, cereals etc in bulks.

Saving money by keeping your electric bill in check

It is a much welcome idea to use computers, fans, air-conditioners, televisions etc for your entertainment and relaxation. But at the same time you need to be a bit careful about its usage. You need to be aware that these things should not be misused. Make sure to switch off your fans and air-conditioners when not using them. Similarly, you can switch off the lights when there is no need of it. Moreover, using latest fluorescent lamps will save a lot of electric energy for you. Further, you can shut down your computer and television and unplug it from the main power point when you are not using it. These small but effective steps from your side will save a reasonable amount for you from your electricity bills.

Save money by quitting your bad habits

If you have bad habits like smoking and drinking take the initiative to leave it today. These habits not only makes you physically ill but also takes out some extra bucks from your pocket regularly which otherwise would have been saved. Save this amount for the future and spend it on some family emergency expenses like paying school fees for your children or for house rent, house rearing etc

Save money by walking or riding short distances

When you are going to travel short distances like going to markets or walking from one bus stop to another avoid using any means of transportation like bus, autos etc. Apart of saving some money it will also do some good for your health. You need to remember the fact that walking is a good exercise and bank upon it. If somehow you do not like walking keep a bicycle to do the same.

Chalk out plans to save money today

You need to be prudent enough to do a research and find out about those expenses which are not necessary and could be avoided. You need to sit, chalk out plans and implement those plans to be successful in the future in saving some amount.

Note down your daily expenses

Noting down your daily expenses at the end of the day regularly will give you a fair idea on the areas where you are spending and how much you are spending. Besides, it will also give you the liberty to compare and draw out conclusions about those expenses which you incur on different months. Moreover, it will provide you the information on how good or worse you are managing your daily house hold expenses.

Make a clear cut budget

Making a clear cut budget on your house hold expenses will help you immensely to be in full control of your expenses. You will not be in a shortage of money when you have control on your expenses. You can proceed in an organized way. All you need to do is to sit down with a pen and paper and categorize your expenses under several heads. In this way, you will never be in a position where your expenses surpass your income.


These are simple and straight forward ways through which you can save for the future. Many a times you get carried way with your expenses and at the end you find yourself in a situation which leads you nowhere. So the best possible way to overcome this is to have a proper knowledge about where you are spending. Take the initiative today to cut down those unnecessary expenses and get into the habit of saving as soon as possible. These small savings from your part will surely going to help you immensely when you are in acute financial crisis.

Author: rekhas        
Posted Date: 03/08/2012    Points:2    

Wow..very nice article! Totally agree about cutting down unnecessary expenses, bad habits and junk food outside. We can cook same stuff at home for half the price and make double the quantity. Likewise, we can find out free libraries or buy cheaper books online. Good article. Thanks for sharing.

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