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How to get yourself relieved from stress?

February 25, 2012  by: AJAY  Points: 12   Category: Health  Earning $1.20   Views: 1036

In this article, I have explained about how to get yourself relieved from stress? I have also explained about what is stress? causes of stress like concern of a successful career, nature of modern jobs and frustration. Moreover, I have also explained how socializing, rewarding oneself, laughing, adequate sleep and exercise could relieve one from stress.



During this computer age your life is filled with duties, work and responsibilities. You work very much like that of a machine from the time you get up early in the morning. You get time to relax only when you surrender yourself in the bed at night. This continuity of a busy and hectic lifestyle without any respite over a long period of time affects you very badly. It can lead you to a situation where you get infected with several kinds of physical and mental problems like stress, anxiety, tensions etc. The term stress has become a very common term and most of the population is hit very badly with it.

What is a stress?

To get a fair idea of the term, stress, you first need to know what stress actually means? Let me tell you that stress is such a condition in which your body reacts to certain social, moral and physiological pressures. Further, it can originate from any given condition or situation in which you feel sad, angry, tensed and even nervous.

Causes of stress

Since you got a clear idea now about what a stress is, I will move ahead and explain what are some of the causes for the same.

Concern of a successful career

This type of stress is mostly found among aspiring students who want to have a stable career in their future life. To achieve their goal in reality they very often get affected with stress. According to facts and stats, this type of stress in ever increasing in number. Besides, unemployed youths are also affected with this problem to a great extent.

Nature of modern jobs

The basic nature of the jobs at present demands high amount of effort and work from their employees. Together with modernization, the concepts of rotational shifts and 24*7 jobs are extracting the last bit of stamina and energy of the employees. As a result, the employees are getting prone to stress and other work related problems.


Very often you set a higher standard for yourself and your work. You even try to set higher personal targets for yourselves so that you remain at par in competition with others. Unfortunately, when you do not achieve those targets your level of frustration adds up and finally you get yourself stressed.

Useful tips to relieve yourself from stress

After getting aware about the causes of stress you need to deal with the problem accordingly. Getting stressed is not desirable and you need to take every effort to free yourself from the ugly clutches of the same. Hence, I am going to mention some useful tips which would help you to get relieved from stress.

Do one thing at a time

You might have a lot of aims and goals set for yourself but do not exert too much pressure on yourself by trying to fulfill those all at once. If you do so the result will be frustration and stress. Hence, set small goals for yourself and only after achieving a single goal move on to achieve the next one. It will definitely help you in the long run.

Reward yourself

After achieving a goal or target for yourself do not forget to reward yourself. In this way, you will get some more zeal and energy to perform better in the future and achieve those targets which are in your due list. Moreover, it will never lead you to a situation where you might feel stressed. You need to remember that these small things will do well enough to keep you focused on your present work.


You know the famous proverb that laughter is the best medicine. You do not have to force yourself to laugh at everything but yes you should not escape from a situation when there is an opportunity for you to laugh. A good way to keep yourself motivated and on the foot is to spare some quality time with your friends. This will definitely help you to keep stress at bay.

Give yourself some quality time

When you come back from work or feel very tired just take a pause or break. Sit, relax and spend some quality time alone with yourself. You favorite tune or music number will help you to get refreshed. If you love to read then reading is also a good way to get relieved from stress. I love to write something in my leisure regularly and it helps me to feel refreshed and keep stress at bay. You will also feel mentally better than before if you do so.

Be a social being

Sometimes, you might be affected with stress if you spend too much time by being alone. In such a situation, you need to move out from your comfort zone and mix around people with whom you love to be. It could be your friends with whom you love to gossip or your neighbors.

Drink a lot of water everyday

Very often the level of stress is so much that your head aches. To get yourself relived from head aches through stresses take the initiative to hydrate yourself by drinking water at breaks. Water helps us to keep one cool from inside and its good impact is felt on the overall body.

Be fit and agile

You also need to maintain your level of fitness so that stress does not affect you. To keep yourself you need to do some physical activities regularly. You need to do free hand exercises or a brisk walk of around 40 minutes in the morning.

Adequate sleep

You need to get a sound sleep of around seven hours everyday. If you do not take proper sleep you would not be able to motivate yourself and concentrate in your work during the day. To keep away problems like sleeplessness, weakness, drowsiness and stress, you need to go to bed early and at a fixed time so that you get you daily limit of full sleep.


Stress has taken the shape of a big problem now-a-days and you need to do your bit to get away with it. If it is not checked in due time then its consequences would be very bad on your health. It would be wise on your part to realize the problem as soon as possible and try to deal with this problem with your so that you can stay away from being affected with it. A healthy life style is what you need for enjoying your life to the maximum on this earth.

Author: AJAY        
Posted Date: 02/27/2012    Points:1    

Thank you expose knowledge for the nice credit and appreciating my effort. I will try to write with more effort and enthusiasm in the future too.
Author: AJAY        
Posted Date: 02/27/2012    Points:1    

Please omit.
Author: Karthik        
Posted Date: 02/27/2012        

Nice article.

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